Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 28

Devil Dante draws Rebellion back and attacks from a different angle. At the moment of contact, he switches hands and whips out another fast strike. He does it again and again and again. Rebellion is feather-light in his grip as he has the massive blade howls through the air for another go at Bayonetta. Each of his strikes threatens to rip Shihaba from the Umbra Witch’s hands. He slashes down. He swipes across. He swings up. He comes from one angle and then from another that is just as obscure as the last. Bayonetta does what she can to stave off the quick and extremely powerful attacks. Soon an opening is created when Shihaba is knocked above her head. Devil Dante quickly rushes in and slams the flat of Rebellion’s blade into the witch’s exposed body. With a tightening of his muscles, he sends her flying through the air.

Bayonetta crashes through several buildings with tremendous force. Brick and wood explode from within each structure. Windows burst, raining glass onto the street. Dust and splintered wood is tossed into the air creating a thick curtain. Even after suffering such damage, only a couple buildings finally give up their fight and crumble to ruin.

Devil Dante stands firm with Rebellion tight in his grip. His dark aura radiated around him like ribbons. Even though he is transformed, he is still conscious of his actions and aware of his surroundings. He knows that someone as powerful as Bayonetta will not go down by that little tap.

The thick curtain of dust follows the gentle breeze that is slowly lifting it away. Soon Bayonetta is slowly revealed with each small gust. She stands amidst the debris of brick and ruined furniture wrapped in a dark aura. Her hair-made clothes are tattered and torn. The ribbons that once ran the length of her statuesque frame are now frayed up to her shoulders. Even her tight beehive hairdo has a few strands misaligned. She tosses her demonic opponent a snide grin. Never has she been this excited. She fought countless angels. She has taken down Heaven’s top-tier deities. She has even beaten the most powerful of the Lumen Sages and a god-like deity as well. But none of that compares to the excitement she is feeling right now. None of them gave her the pleasure that the Son of Sparda has now. Her grin stretches to a sneer and her eyes turn cold. Licking her lips in anticipation, Bayonetta raises Shihaba. She’s having too much fun and she doesn’t want it to end just yet.

Slashing Shihaba down, Bayonetta conjures a massive astral projection of the sword’s blade and has it come crashing down on her opponent’s head. Devil Dante stoically raises Rebellion to intercept the attack and disperse it afterward. Bayonetta slashes the mystic sword several more times. All of the ethereal blades of Shihaba are effortlessly blocked and destroyed. Pooling her magic into Shihaba, Bayonetta sends another phantom blade her opponent’s way. The impact of this stronger attack has Devil Dante gripping the skull adorned hilt with both hands. With a little effort, he renders this phantom sword to dust just like the others. In the distance, he sees Bayonetta using Shihaba to trace a circle in front of her. A magical glyph appears. Bayonetta funnels her power into the blade and with quick slash up and then down, she sends a powerful beam of light screaming toward Dante.

Devil Dante stares at the approaching laser beam. His darkened face and hellfire eyes showed no expression. No concern. No worry. No fear. He draws his magnificent blade back and fuels it with supernatural energy. Swing Rebellion high, the Son of Sparda sends a wave crackling with unearthly energy ripping across the ground. Its power sucks the air from the sky as it screeches toward Bayonetta’s attack.

With earth-shattering force, the two powers collide. Cracks tear across the brick face of various dwellings and businesses. The road buckles. A car is tossed into a building as if it were a pebble. Another one soon follows, entering the adjacent building that was once a clothing store. Their powers threaten to demolish the town as they are locked in a stalemate. Devil Dante ends it with one more slash of Rebellion. This next energy wave didn’t crackle with unnatural power like the first wave but it is still strong in its own right. The waves combine and begin to slice through the light beam cast by Bayonetta. It travels onward and through a row of buildings at the far end, carving them into a valley. The inside of the buildings to either side of the one that was obliterated is exposed to the twilight sky like an open wound.

Devil Dante peers through trail of destruction left by his attack. He sees no sign of Bayonetta. To the untrained eye, one would assume she was destroyed along with the building. To someone like Dante, he knows someone like her will not go down that easily. He quickly snaps one hand up and catches Shihaba by the blade. With the other, he bats Bayonetta away with the broadside of Rebellion and immediately follows up with an energy wave that strikes the Umbra Witch and sends her tumbling head-over-heels across the street. She thrusts the blade of Shihaba into the ground, stopping herself just short of becoming another addition to a pile of collective rubble. Devil Dante looks upon his adversary as she slowly rises to her feet. A small smile of satisfaction appears on his face. The dark energies of his father swirl around him again and then fade softly. He returns to his human self.

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