Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 29

The Umbra Witch stands limply. Her battle with Dante is beginning to take a toll on her. She had no foreseen him having this kind of strength. It is the first time anyone has succeeded in causing her injury. The cuts in her clothes and skin emphasize this fact. However, she is not ready to give up just yet. Plus, she still has something that will aid her. Sliding her fingers into her cleavage, Bayonetta pulls out a lollipop. She unwraps and pops the treat in her mouth.

“And you’re not even gonna share? Now who’s being rude?” says Dante with his usual banter.

“What, I just needed a little pick-me-up,” Bayonetta casually shot back and then she pops the lollipop back across her lips. What Dante doesn’t know is that what Bayonetta has is not an ordinary lollipop. It is composed of a special mixture known only to the Umbra Witches that is used for healing. Bayonetta doesn’t have Dante’s extraordinary healing ability, but it can be simulated. With the lollipop in her mouth, her wounds begin to heal. A bright purple hue surrounds each abrasion where it then glows intensely and fades, leaving behind fresh skin. Soon, all of the injuries inflicted by Dante have vanished. Bayonetta gives herself a quick look over; making sure her body was back to its normal lusciousness. “There,” she says, “Now that’s better.”

“What kind of lick is in that candy stick?” Dante asks.

“Oh, a little something of my own recipe,” Bayonetta replies with a sultry tone. She then drags her tongue around the lollipop before sliding it back in her mouth.

Dante throws a cool grin and says, “You don’t say. I’ll have to try it some time. So what’s in it? Frog warts, spider legs, eye of newt?”

“Hair, snails and puppy dog tails if you must know. Isn’t there a young virgin you have to possess?” Bayonetta coyly shot back.

“Heh, what can I say; I enjoy my Friday nights,” Dante retorted with a gesture. “But if anyone possesses anything, well let’s just say that I’m not the one who has a pact with Infernal Demons.”

Bayonetta adjusts her glasses and says, “Hmm, so you noticed.”

“Kinda hard not to when you get knocked around by a six-armed giant’s fists or stepped on by a demon woman’s stiletto,” said Dante. “If I had to guess, that’s why your soul will get dragged into Hell. You got to keep taking out the angels just so the demons can have a fiesta on the Human World; otherwise, you’re the main course at the chainsaw buffet. Yeah, I know all about it and Miss Butterfly. How is the Madama doing by the way?”

Bayonetta scoffs lightly. She knew Dante would have some knowledge about the Infernal Demons but not about the arrangement the Umbra Witches have with them. Only the Followers of Light, the Lumen Sages, know about the Umbra Witches, the Followers of the Dark, pact with Infernal Demons. The Witches use the demons as an extension of their magical abilities. This has aided them during the Witch Hunts centuries ago when Heaven started to eliminate all those who follow the path of darkness. Needless to say, the Umbra Witches were on the top of that list. Bayonetta smiles at Dante with a hint of admiration. Who else but the son of a demon could also know about Infernal Demons? “She’s doing fine as you well know first-hand,” she answers with coy.

“Yeah, I got the distinction earlier,” Dante said. “So what about the other Spawns of Hell you’re harboring?”

“Why not ask them yourself?” Bayonetta says with a devilish grin.

Dante cracks a wide smile. He gives Ebony and Ivory a flashy twirl before crossing his arms over his chest. “What’s my name, baby?”

Bayonetta grins as she stands elegantly with Shihaba ready to be called into action.

Breaking into a ground devouring stride, the Umbra Witch closes in on Dante. Dante coaxes his guns, showering her with bullets. Bayonetta slashes her sword rapidly in front of her, reducing the bullets to scrap without breaking her stride. Dante pumps his fingers a few more times before quickly pocketing his pistols and taking up Rebellion to intercept a trust strike. The sound of swords clashing fills the evening sky. The witch and the devil move with fierce poetic motion. Steel blades carve the air like razor blade ribbons as they dance to the rhythm of deadly choreography. They stayed just outside the range of each other’s blades. Any misstep would result in serious injury. There’s a high block here. There’s an upward slash there. There’s a mid-level swipe that just misses slicing through abdominal tissue. Rebellion and Shihaba sang to each other with their masters conducting them through their black chorus. Dante and Bayonetta break away for a short intermission before they throw themselves at each other for another performance.

Because of the demolished walls and the collapsed floors, the buildings serve as more of an amphitheater than before. Rebellion and Shihaba’s clashing voices reverberate throughout the ruined structures as they sing into the evening sky.

Bayonetta and Dante thrust their swords at blinding speeds. The rapid clashing of metal fills the air. Numerous strikes are loosed far faster that the eye can blink. A sword of Rebellion’s impressive size should not be handled with such luxury yet Dante jabs the demonic weapon forward as if it were a mere piece of paper. Shihaba is easily one-third Rebellion’s size and its sleek blade should be broken the Devil Arm. Yet, due to its mystic properties, it is able to withstand the strength and match the speed of a sword of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda. Dante and Bayonetta break away briefly and thrust their weapons again. The blades grind along each other’s length and clash at the hilt. The two warriors lock their swords. Exchanging glares and snide grins, they shove each other away again. This time, they do not reengage. They lock their gazes as they each sport a new injury. Shihaba left a crimson trench across Dante’s chest while Rebellion left its mark on Bayonetta’s right bicep and left forearm. His father’s blood begins to heal Dante. At the same time, the special lollipop Bayonetta has been enjoying closes her wounds.

With their injuries cured, they rise to their feet. Through the exchange of looks they know this night must come to an end. Not because of the night sky that is fast approaching, it is because the battle is beginning to show its wear on them. Dante may have unmatched stamina which is useful against lesser devils. Against tough opponents, however, his stamina won’t account for anything if the battle is drawn out or he sustains too much damage. There were only two opponents before Bayonetta who gave him this much trouble—the King of the Underworld Mundus and his twin brother Vergil. Using his demonic powers also didn’t help Dante any. He was granted incredible strength but the transformation does wear on him over time.

Bayonetta does not have Dante’s regenerative powers but she does have superhuman endurance and overall magical strength. Her endurance was tested when she fought against Dante in his devil form. His strength was overwhelming. She recalls the two devastatingly powerful attacks he delivered with the flat of Rebellion’s blade. In them, she caught a glimpse of the true depth of his power. The small notion of death entered her mind. There was only one time before when the Umbra Witch thought she would die. Bayonetta remains focused on the battle at hand rather than relive a past that no longer exists. Her special lollipop has done its job at healing her wounds; however…

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