Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 33

The light fades. Bayonetta opens her eyes. She looks left then right and then scans across the nearly destroyed town. She grips her guns tightly as her muscles tense. Bayonetta takes a cautionary stance. The attack could come from anywhere. Her eyes trace the area again. It is deathly silent. Suddenly she hears something at her back and whirls around with guns drawn. An alley cat nearly became a set of mittens. The mangy animal hisses before scurrying off. Bayonetta exhales a deflated sigh. It isn’t a cat she is looking for. What she is looking for she senses at her back again. The witch whirls around and begins pumping the triggers.

Dante whirls and slashes Rebellion around his body with unimaginable ease and inhuman speed deflecting all of Bayonetta’s shots. Once he’s cleared enough space, he gives his sword a whirl and rushes forward, ignoring the hail storm of bullets spewing forth from Rosemary and Sage. His coat becomes increasingly tattered as the range closes between him and Bayonetta.

Rebellion’s tip is close to her body when Bayonetta knocks the blade aside with Sage and shoves Rosemary right between Dante’s eyes. A shot rings out. The Umbra Witch stares at the empty space beyond Rosemary’s barrel. A smile draws across her face a moment afterward when she feels something press against her right hip.

Dante is behind Bayonetta, back to back, with Ebony shoved into her right hip and Rebellion stretched across her body from right shoulder to left hip. When he rushed her, he used Quicksilver at the last possible second to evade having another hole in his head.

Bayonetta accessed her current predicament. With Rebellion stretched across her body, she cannot move. Even if she were somehow able to use Witch Time, it would wear off before she freed herself and with the way Dante has the sword pressed against her, he has figured out the same thing. She can’t use her guns. Dante will just use Ebony to punch a hole through her sleek body if she so much as twitches. To top it all off, her magic energy is all but expended. She can’t even summon Madama Butterfly. Again, Dante will shoot her, slice her or both the moment he senses danger. There is nothing she can do. Any movement from her will result in serious injury.

“C’mon,” Dante says wearing a big grin. “Say it.”

Bayonetta smiles softly and accepts defeat. “Uncle,” she replies.
Dante gently releases Bayonetta. He returns Rebellion to his back and Ebony in its holster. Bayonetta dispels her weapons. They gently vanish in a soft violet glow.

“Well, that was fun. Thanks for the date,” Dante casually says. He then plunges his hands into the pockets of his coat and begins to walk away. “We should do it again sometime.”

Bayonetta laughs and says, “I’ll look for to it…Devil Boy.”

Dante smirks. “Whatever you say, Witchy Lady,” he says. It has been awhile since he has had this kind of entertainment. Since closing the Hell Gates, the city has been all but devoid of demon activity. Dante took up his mercenary life, which he left behind, in order to keep his business a float even though he is constantly in debt. They weren’t as interesting as hunting demons but whatever money he made keep the lights on and the water running. There was a period where he was in a funk though he’ll only admit it to himself. Not even things he did like would pull him out of it. Then he got a job in Europe which he almost refused until the password was provided and the promise of an expenses paid trip was made. While on there, he found something interesting, something that reinvigorated him. That something wore a black cat suit and carried four guns. Dante walks away with a bright smile in the hopes of another date. “Bayonetta, eh?” he ponders over her name, chuckling at how closely it resembles a bayonet gun. He sees how the name suits her. “Cute.”

Bayonetta watches Dante disappear through the fog rolling across the cemetery. Unlike Dante, she has been busy sacrificing angels to the Infernal Demons as part of her pact with them. However, like him, she too has taken down a powerful deity and her adventures seemed at an end. Fighting lower class angels has its moments but they lacked something—a challenge. The angels of Heaven’s higher spheres excited her. They provided the challenge she wanted—craved for—so badly. Sadly, that excitement didn’t last. She yearned to feel that excitement—that level of ecstasy again. Then a stranger came to Vigrid who looked promising. Perhaps he could provide the excitement she longed for. Her guess was true. Dante has provided her with the same level of ecstasy she had when fighting the higher sphered angels; maybe even more so.

The town at her back bared the scars left by their clash. Buildings are teetering in the point of collapse but they still refuse to give into gravity’s will. The street is torn up as if a jack hammer had got wild. The abandoned vehicles are nothing more than a tangled mess of twisted metal. For years after the demon incident, it has stood through harsh summers, battering rains, and frigid winters. For years, it looked Mother Nature in the face and defied her, refusing to give into her fury. Even now, the town stands ever defiant. It is broken yet it stays its ground.

Bayonetta sneezes.

A piece of a brick wall falls. Then part of a ceiling collapses. Starting from a little rumble, the buildings begin to topple one by one until they finally collapse in one thunderous crash. After years of being beaten by Mother Nature, the town finally relents. Bayonetta turns to the town just as the last building disappears in the dust cloud. It then the she spots something out of the corner of her eye. Looking, she sees a sign that has the town scheduled for demolition. However, it is dated two years ago. With a loud snap, one corner of the sign gives way before falling completely to the ground with a thud.
Bayonetta laughs lightly and then looks toward the cloud of fog that now blankets the cemetery. “Dante, the Son of Sparda.” She goes over the name in her head, taking note of how it sounds. “Quaint,” she says with a smile.

The fog begins to roll across the remains of the town. It passes through and Bayonetta is gone.

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