Fury Rages On-Kratos vs. Asura: The Titan’s Mighty Rage!!

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“Fine; you want a fight?” Digging his feet, Asura takes off like a bullet. “Then you got one!” he says. His feet eat up the ground as he charges Kratos down. He pumps his six arms, firing volley after volley of energy blasts. Kratos feeds some of the power of the Rage of the Titans into the Blade of Olympus. He takes hold the hilt with both hands and swings the sword in a wide arc, sending an ethereal wave soaring through the air. The ethereal wave destroys the volleys of energy blasts while on its way toward Asura. The former Guardian General concentrates his firepower on the center of the wave. The ethereal energy wave slows down and explodes in a bright flash. Asura runs through the dust cloud that was created and burst out the other side. He is met by a second ethereal energy wave that was sent by Kratos almost immediately after the first. Asura slides under it, quickly pops back up to his feet and resumes fire more volleys, all without breaking his stride. A massive explosion erupts behind Asura when the ethereal energy wave strikes a boulder. An equally massive crater is left behind.

Kratos blocks the blasts with the Blade of Olympus, allowing the sword to absorb Asura’s power. Once the power builds, he swings it hard, blasting away the energy blasts in the immediate area. He gives the sword a quick twirl and fires a blast of ethereal energy. The blast strikes the ground just ahead of Asura, tripping him up. Asura tumbles forward before he rolls to his feet without missing a step. With a burst of speed, he quickly closes the gap. Kratos dodges the intended punch, and quickly strikes Asura with a blast from the Blade of Olympus. Asura smashes through one nearby boulder. He bowls across the ground for a short distance before rolling to feet and quickly throwing himself back at Kratos. Asura lands a solid blow and sends the Ghost of Sparta through a large boulder. Kratos rolls with the momentum and jams the Blade of Olympus in the ground, bringing himself to a halt. Asura is running toward him with all his fists balled up. Kratos gets his feet under him and takes off running full stride. He doesn’t know how much longer the Rage of the Titans will last. He has to end this battle quickly. The Spartan leaps into the air and raises the Blade of Olympus high above his head. Asura stops when sees Kratos flying toward him and catches the sword between his hands, all of them. The force of Kratos’ swing generates a powerful shockwave that knocks down several stone structures and pushes Asura’s feet into the ground.

Asura holds Kratos back while Kratos pushes down with all his might. They snarl at each fiercely. Neither of them is going to let the other be the victor. Their agendas cannot be interrupted. Asura must save Mithra. Kratos must exact his vengeance upon Zeus. The question is who wants it more.

Asura begins to push back. In his mind, he never would have imagined anyone outside of the Seven Deities coming close to matching his strength. He takes two hands from the blade and prepares to strike Kratos’ exposed body. This move proves costly. Kratos shifts one leg and with a quick turn of the blade, he swings it hard to the right freeing it from Asura’s grasp and unbalancing his opponent. He swings the Blade of Olympus back to left and sends a metallic arm clanking across the ground. Asura jumps up for a counterattack. Kratos dodges the punch, spins around Asura and hacks off another arm. Ignoring his missing arms, Asura whips around with both right arms. He clashes with the Blade of Olympus. Kratos shoves his arms aside and fires a blast in his back. Asura barrels across the ground, kicking up a trail of dirt. He manages to slap his hands on the ground to flip himself to his feet. The former Guardian General burns his opponent with his glare before taking off in a mad dash toward him.

Kratos retuned the Blade of Olympus to the magical sheath on his back where it vanishes and takes up the Blades of Exile. He crosses the blades to block and parry Asura’s punch and again when he comes at him with another wild assault. Kratos slashes his blades. Asura defends, knocking them aside with his fists. Deep gashes are carved into his forearms as a result. Asura angrily bats a blade aside and lunges. Using his agility, Kratos ducks the blow, shoves one blade into Asura’s right forearm on his back, turns and casts the other blade to hook into the left one. With his back to Asura, he begins pulling forward. Asura yanks him back but Kratos finds his strength, flexes the bulging muscles in his shoulders and pulls hard. A loud metallic shatter rings out as Asura’s extra arms are torn free from his body. Kratos whips around to the false god with the Blade of Exile at the ready. He takes a look at his hand for a moment and realizes that they are not encased in burning flames. It is now he notices that the Rage of the Titans has faded. He has exhausted the last of Prometheus’ magic. No matter. He will fight the way he always has, with his own strength.

Asura turns to face Kratos. The power he has built up is fading from exertion. Though he can draw up immense power, his body cannot handle the strain and slowly breaks down. With his constant fighting, he has not had a chance to properly rest and allow his body to cool down. Asura is aware of and ignores this fact. He has to save his precious daughter. He has to fulfill his wife Durga’s last request. His power may be fading but he cannot stop until he sees Mithra is safe and there are no more tears in her eyes.

A strong wind blows across the battlefield. Holes and slash marks bandage the ground, evident of the fierce battle that is taking place. They stare intensely at each other. They grind their teeth in utter disgust. They have battled for an undisclosed amount of time. Their bodies bare the slashes, cuts, and bruises from their furious fighting. They refused to relent. They refused to surrender.

One gripped wickedly curved blades tight in his grip. The blades glowed with hellfire. Fiery sparks shower to the ground. He sharpened his gaze as he looked contemptuously at his opponent. He sees the fury burning in his eyes. It reflected the rage burning deep within his breast. Rage he has for the gods that have wronged him, deceived him, used him, and betrayed him. He sought their destruction. And nothing—no one—is going to stop him.

The other clenched his fists tight. He glowers at the man with bone-white skin. His red tattoo glowed bright against the canvas of his skin. The other man grinds his teeth in equal contempt. He too has been betrayed by those he once thought he could trust. His fellow deities have framed him for a crime he did not commit. In the end, he was cast out and sent to the underworld. He has returned to take his vengeance upon them and rescue his precious daughter whose power is being used for their selfish desires. He will rescue her. And he will crush anyone who stands in his way.

They burn each other with their gazes. They have interfered with each other’s path of vengeance. They have challenged each other. They will not let their opponent stand in their way. Dropping into a stance, the two warriors throw themselves at each other. Only one of them will walk away.

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