Yu-Gi-Oh X Beyblade!! Chapter 1 Pt.2!!


“He’s Taito Katsuya,” one the kids, a blonde girl, tells him. “His gang goes from Bey Stadium to Bey Stadium and charge people to blade there even though the stadiums are public and anyone can blade in them.”
“So this Taito guy charges people a fee to use something that is public?” Yugi says. He is shocked by the girl’s story. She confirms this with a nod. Yugi believed it is unfair for someone to extort money from someone else. This Taito is nothing more than a bully. He is all too familiar with bullying. Having been on the receiving end of bullying, Yugi knows how these kids feel. Before he befriended them, Jonouchi Katsuya and Hiroto Honda used to bully Yugi until the Hall monitor began bullying Jonouchi and Hiroto. Yugi stepped in and stood up to him to defend them even though the Hall Monitor was much larger than him. Since then, Jonouchi and Hiroto have become Yugi’s best friends. The situation plays out in front of him again with Yasha and Haiji being picked on by Taito Katsuya. Yugi can’t stand seeing people being bullied. He may not know what to do but he must do something. He cannot stand idly by.
“C’mon kid, you know how it works,” said Taito. “You either pay or beat me in a Beyblade battle. So what’ll it be, shrimp?” The rest of the gang look down on Haiji and Yasha with intimidating glares. Haiji and Yasha begin to waver. They have only been blading for a short while and Taito is a more experienced blader. They have no chance of beating him in a battle. Still, they were tired of Taito pushing people around but what could they do. They look at each other hoping the other had an answer. Then they make a choice. Haiji and Yasha decide to leave. Unfortunately, this is not an option. Taito’s gang quickly jump in their path, preventing them from leaving. “I told you, kids. You either pay or beat me in a Beyblade battle,” said Taito.
It is now that Yasha and Haiji begin to feel the same fear as the other kids who were watching them. They started beyblading in order to become strong enough to one day beat Taito and put an end to his extortion of bladers battling in public stadiums. Haiji and Yasha have no chance against him as they are now. But Taito is not giving them a choice. They must battle or pay him—with their beys. Like so many others before them, Taito has challenged violators of his personalized rules to Beyblade battles which he always won. As a result, he took their bey. Rumor has it that Taito takes other beys to modify his own into a bey that will rival the winner of the Battle Bladers—Gingka Hagane. Yasha and Haiji do not want their beys to be a part of Taito Katsuya’s collection. But no matter how it is looked at, they will lose their beys one way or the other.
“So what’s it gonna be, boys? Either way, I get your beys no matter what you do. But don’t worry, their parts are going to be put to good use. To make a bey that will beat Gingka and his Galaxy Pegasus,” said Taito.
“You’ll never beat Gingka,” Haiji said, casting a fierce gaze at Taito. “No matter how many different bey parts you use, you never make a bey strong enough to beat Gingka.”
“That’s right! Gingka beat Ryuga who had Lightning L-Drago and L-Drago was the strongest bey out there! You’re not going to beat the Battle Bladers champion!” Yasha pipes up. “And you’re not getting our beys, Taito!”
Though the boys put up a brave front, Taito is not intimidated. He laughs and says, “So that means you wanna battle me, huh?!”
Yugi has watched all that has unfolded in front of him. Taito Katsuya is nothing more than a bully. His actions are of a selfish nature and he cannot stand idly by any longer. The Millennium Puzzle hanging from his neck glows brightly. Yami has also grown tired of this injustice. Yugi becomes wrapped in an ethereal light that no one else can see. The light fades soon after and Yami Yugi stands firm. He casts a steely gaze at Taito. “Enough, Taito Katsuya!” he calls out.
Taito and his gang peer over at the voice of the person who is opposing them. Haiji and Yasha look as well. Taito smiles at the kid with the high pointy hair dressed in a deep purple outfit. Maybe this one will put up a better fight, he thought.
“Taito, you are a bully and an extortionist, and I will not stand by and watch you torment Haiji and Yasha any longer!” Yami Yugi said sternly. “I will be your opponent!”
Again, Taito is not shaken in the least. “So I guess you’re willing to battle me then, eh shrimp?” he says with arrogance. He then reaches into the pocket on his waist belt and takes out his bey. It is dark grey with a scorpion depicted on its face bolt. “Ha! You ain’t got nothing on my Desert Rattler!”
“Desert Rattler, let’s see how well it fairs against my Dark Magician,” Yami Yugi says, holding up his bey that was once a Duel Monsters card.
Taito eyes Yami Yugi’s bey. He thinks about how a bey like that would be a great addition to his collection and how its parts will help him construct a bey that can match up to Gingka and his Galaxy Pegasus. “All right runt, you got yourself a battle. Just like I told these two, I get your bey when I win,” he says.
“That’s if you win,” Yami Yugi shot back.
With Taito and his gang focused on Yugi, Haiji and Yasha manage to escape and run over to Yugi. Taito sees the boys but he takes no action to stop them. To him, it doesn’t matter. He’ll soon have all their beys.
“Yugi, there’s no way you can beat Taito. His bey is really strong,” Haiji warned him.
“Besides, you said that you forgot the basics of Beyblade,” Yasha added.
Yami Yugi smiles confidently, easing Haiji and Yasha’s concerns. “Then I will be needing that refresher course sooner than expected. Can I count on you two to do that?” he says. No matter how tough the situation seemed, Yami, the Pharaoh Spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, faces the challenge with an unshakable will and unerring determination. Whether it is Seto Kaiba, Marik Ishtar or Duel Monsters creator Maximillian Pegasus, he has always stood firm against all his opponents with strong confidence and even stronger belief. This new situation is no different. Yasha and Haiji see that confidence for themselves in Yugi’s eyes. The only other person they have seen with that is Gingka Hagane. Like Gingka, they feel that they can believe in Yugi and his bey.
“Sure, we’ll help out any we can, Yugi,” Haiji says with a brimming smile.
“You bet,” Yasha added with zeal.
“I appreciate it,” said Yami Yugi. He then takes out the launcher and his Dark Magician bey. Looking at them, he figured out that the launcher is used to launch the bey version of his favorite Duel Monsters card. Yami Yugi places the Dark Magician into the launcher and locks it in place. “So that is how it goes,” he says.
“Un huh, and the harder you pull on the rip cord, the faster you can launch your bey,” said Yasha.
“I see. Thank you Yasha,” Yami Yugi said politely. He then asks if there is anything else he should know about Beyblade.
“There is one more thing. Gingka says you have to have a strong bey spirit. As long as you have that, you can overcome any opponent and strengthen the connection between you and your bey,” Haiji tells Yami.
“Bey spirit, huh? A strong bey spirit to connect one with their bey.” From within, Yugi wonders about what Haiji had just said to Yami. “Believing in one’s bey spirit is almost like believing in the Heart of the Cards. If I believe in my Dark Magician as I always have then I cannot lose to Taito.”

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