Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 13

“Sorry, I tend to get a little antsy when a good show is interrupted,” the Devil Hunter said with a brimming smile. Then he fires a shot at the angel engaged with the woman. It vanishes in a bright flash once its halo was destroyed. “See, what did I tell ya?” said Dante. Then he addresses the woman, “I know I’m imposing but you could use a dance partner, if you don’t mind?”

The woman looks at Dante with interest in her eyes. “I usually dance alone but I think I can make an exception this one time. Just try to keep up, darling,” she says with coy as she got into position, raising her guns in an elegant pose.

“I’ll have you know,” Dante says and then he twirls Ebony and Ivory with stylish flare and brings them into firing position, “I’m pretty light on my feet.”

“Let’s see,” the woman replied looking at Dante with a cat-like stare. With that, the two immediately begin mowing down the remaining angels.
Dante sways and slides and dives to avoid the staff attacks of three red angels. As he quickly rises to his feet, he blocks the staff coming for his head with Ebony and lights up the angel with Ivory. An angels attacks Dante from behind. Dante, sensing the incoming strike, throws one arm back and takes out the red angel with a dead-on shot to it’s halo. The golden remnants of the defeated being float past Dante like windblown rose petals. Dante cracks his trademark grin. However, the other angels are not intimidated. On the signal of the front-most angel’s battle cry, the red angels descend upon the famed Devil Hunter.

Red angels swarm the woman in black, swinging and slashing their weapons every which-way as they try to take their beautiful adversary down. The woman elegantly dances her way around each strike with a balletic grace. Her movement was loose and fluid like a ribbon in the breeze. She can see the angels are not impressed. So she decides to make things a bit more interesting. After another beautifully executed evasive maneuver, the woman in black shoots a leg straight up, striking an attacking red angel square on the chin. Firing the gun on her heel finishes the divine creature off. She whips her leg back down, caving an angel’s head in with a powerful axe kick. Then, kicking her leg, the woman sends the downed angle sliding across the ground and bowling over its brethren. The other angels are a bit wary of the woman. However, their hesitation doesn’t last and they attack her once again.

Dante and the woman effortlessly exterminate the angels. Their skills are nearly identical. They attack and counter. They duck and dodge. They defend and parry. The angels’ numbers diminish but they keep with their assault, hacking and slashing at their gun-toting foes without relent. The woman and Dante continue their assault. One angel from each group tale to the air and begin firing arrows. The woman avoids the aerial attack through a series of back flips. Dante does the same from his end. They soon end up in a classic scenario, back to back surrounded by angels. They both stood wondering what to do next. The angels slowly march in, holding their weapons ready. It would appear that the divine beings of Heaven have their attackers cornered. Or so they thought.

Dante turns around, grabs the woman by her arm and turns her toward him. The action caught the woman by surprise. She looks into his blue eyes deeply. What she sees in them tells her what he’s thinking. She gives Dante a knowing smile. Dante flashes his coolest grin. Then he spins the woman to his right, keeping a hold of her left wrist. The woman leans over and fires her gun, destroying an angel. After another flashy twirl to his left, the woman is dipped backwards by Dante. At the same time, she raises one arm above her head and takes out another angel. Dante, looking into the woman’s eyes, holds Ivory to his right and squeezes the trigger. Another red angel is disposed of. The woman leans up close to Dante, throwing an arm over his right shoulder. She smiles coyly as she dispatches the angel at his back. Dante returns the favor and blasts away the angel attacking from their left. The woman begins dancing her feet. Dante follows suit. The angels stood bewildered as they watched them begin to do a flashy salsa. The woman and Dante move in perfect sequence. Their weapons remained drawn as they danced. The angels were not impressed. They ready their weapons and prepare to exterminate their foes. Then they quickly converge for the kill.

Amidst their performance, Dante and the woman turn around back to back and begin blasting the swarming angels. Several of Heaven’s helpers vanish in a flash of light, signaling their defeat. The woman then put her arms back and on cue Dante wraps his arms around hers. He then lifts her up on his back as he bent over. Raising her legs, the woman fires the guns on her feet, dropping more red angels with ease.

Afterward, she rolls off the Devil Hunter’s back, and, as she lands, takes out two more angels. Dante stands up and fires off two rounds, one in front and one behind. The two defeated angels cry out before bursting into flashes of light. Several angels swoop in from both sides for a pincher attack. With perfect choreography, Dante crosses his wrists in front of him and the woman places one leg on them. He then flips his dance partner while he himself bent backwards. They coax their guns in sequence, destroying the halos of the attacking angels. The woman lands on her feet and strikes a pose. Dante, after landing on his back, swings his legs around into a flashy move that brings him to his feet.

Undeterred by their antics, the angels continue their assault. Dante and the woman step up the tempo, breaking into a flashy dance number as they brought death upon their angelic audience. They moved and swayed in rhythmic sequence to the soundtrack of gunfire mixed with the angels’ death cries. Dante goes into a flashy twirl, swinging his arms as his dance partners Ebony and Ivory sang the angels the chorus of their demise. The other angels swirl around Dante keeping their distance as they waited for an opportunity to strike. However, little do they realize, no distance is safe from the Son of Sparda. Eyeing the angels, Dante carefully aims his guns and begins plucking them off like ducks at a carnival shooting gallery while still staying in step.

A trio of angels swoops in fast with their weapons ready. The woman acrobatically leapfrogs across the angels avoiding the assault. After hoping off the last red angel, she shoots down towards a small group of angels like a bullet, wrapped in a dark reddish aura. The shockwave created from her impact blasts the divine beings back. One of the angels that came at her before quickly banks left for another attempt. The woman anticipates the strike. She spins out the way at the last second, raises a leg high and drives the angel into the ground. Two angels quickly break for the woman intent on catching her off guard. Their success was denied by Dante, who blasts them away just before they reached the woman. Throwing a charming grin, Dante beckons the woman with one gun. The woman smiles back and breaks into a sprint. A group of angels charge after her. Like before, Dante crosses his wrists, but this time he tosses his dance partner high above him. Then he takes out her heavenly pursuers. Their bodies burst into golden fireworks.

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