Once Upon A Time recap!!


Colin O'Donoghue takes the role of the famed Neverland pirate

Regina’s mother Cora and Captain Hook were the focus of last night’s episode of “Once Upon A Time.” Hook escapes from the giant castle where he is greeted by Cora who asks about the compass. He informs her that Emma has taken the compass. Upset over the loss, she decides to leave Hook in the Fairy Tale world, robbing him of his revenge against Rumplestiltskin. This doesn’t bode well with Hook and he lunges for Cora who vanishes to escape the pirate’s wrath. Cora arrives at an unknown location where she has several chests filled with hearts. She takes one and uses it to revive the villagers whom she got them from.

At their camp, Emma is still in shock that Aurora is able to connect with her son Henry in her dream. Snow informs them that she has been there as well and of the possible connection back to Storybrooke. In Storybrooke, Regina meets with Mr. Gold after learning from Henry about Snow and Emma. She tells him that her mother Cora plans to make her way to Storybrooke. This sparks something in Gold as he doesn’t wish to see Belle harmed. He agrees to assist Regina. Later, Gold gives Henry the message to deliver to Aurora about how Snow and Emma can return home.

Aurora agrees to go back to the Nether World against Mulan’s wishes. While Aurora searches for Henry in her dream, the group is attacked by bandits sent by Cora to recover the compass. Instead, they make off with Aurora where she is taken to Cora. Mulan, after meeting up with Snow and Emma, tell them that Aurora has been taken. A crow soon arrives and delivers a message to Snow White—Cora wants to trade the compass for Aurora. Mulan is quick to make the trade; however, Snow White has a better idea.

Back in Storybrooke, Henry is injured in his latest trip to the Nether World. Regina and Charming agree to not send Henry back. Instead, Charming offers to go in his place. The same offer is made by Snow in the Fairy Tale world. With the help of Regina and Mulan, the Prince and Princess fall into a deep sleep where they soon find each other, only to discover that Charming may be unable to return due to him being under a sleeping curse. He informs his wife of the ink left in the prison where they held Gold/Rumplestiltskin. While this was going on, Aurora is rescued by an unlikely, and unlikeable, savior—Hook. The pirate doesn’t like to be double-crossed and freeing the sleeping princess is his revenge shot.

Barbara Hershey is Regina's happiness-killing mother Cora

Henry, Gold and Regina are concerned for David who has yet to awaken. Only true love’s kiss can break the curse as Snow knows well immediately after waking up. Despair over takes her as she desperately looks for more sleeping powder so she can save David. Emma calms her mother, telling her to keep her faith. Something is amiss as they look around and discover that Mulan has run off with the compass. At her camp, Cora discovers that Hook has set Aurora free, much to Cora’s dismay. She prepares to punish the notorious pirate until he offers a gift that stays her hand. Emma and Snow soon catch up with Mulan and demand the compass. Mulan, on the other hand, is ready to give her life before giving up the compass. Aurora arrives just in time to stop Snow from driving an arrow point into Mulan’s throat. She tells them the Hook rescued her and delivers a message from him to Emma.

Unknowing to them, Cora is speaking through Aurora with the heart she received from Hook who still has ambitions for revenge, rekindling their agreement. Hook clearly has his own hidden agenda, one that not even Cora may know about. The big question is how he removed Aurora’s heart. Did he pilfer the secrets from someone who knows dark magic? I don’t see Cora or, especially, Rumplestiltskin showing him any of their secrets. Perhaps he learned it while in Neverland? Guess we’ll have to wait and see next week.

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