DJ Cutman’s got a Wii U!

I gotta say, DJ Cutman’s new album has me wishing I had a Wii U. The reason being so I could Identify where all of his awesome remixes of the system menu themes originated from. It’s great advertising for Nintendo!

Released just today, Cutman has assembled a 9 track album of remixes sampled from the WiiU’s hardware, and one or two from the bundled NintendoLand game.

Introducing: DJ Cutman’s WiiU Grooves

What he’s done with the basic WiiU music is really cool.

Tracks 1 and 2, titled: Hot Tea & Firmware Updates and Gone Shoppin’ have a very ambient, chill mood, with a relaxing beat. Great for drawing, studying or just relaxing to.

Tracks 3 and 4, however, are totally geared toward Hip-Hop, with a cool piano riff and constant Kick/Snare beat. My first thought to hearing track 3, titled Let’s All Go to Nintendo Land! was, “Megaran should totally jump on this!”

The rest of the tracks, 5 though 9 vary between Hip-Hop, Dance, Ambient and theres even some Chiptune in my favorite track of the bunch titled “How Attractive!

If you do own a Wii U, the experience of playing this album will be even more fun seeing as you should be able to recognize the material sampled, but the whole thing is a very enjoyable and entertaining series of tracks. Well done Cutman.


The album is name-your-price with no minimum, so download for free if you’d like.

Download now from his site:

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