Dante vs Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 10

Dusk begins to settle on the cemetery just outside of the city. This is where the call has taken Dante. He arrived a few minutes ago and in that time he has already started to become restless. The call he received earlier told him about strange activity in the cemetery. Dante automatically assumed it was another lame job involving partying teenagers or would-be devil worshippers. He was ready to turn it down until the person gave him the password for his services. These jobs are special jobs. These are the kind of jobs that interest Dante. Anyone who manages to obtain the password can request his services for jobs involving the supernatural, namely demons. When he’s financially stable enough, in other words less in debt but still in the hole, Dante will hold out until he is given the password for his special jobs.

The cemetery is eerily quiet which is typical. A light breeze rustles the trees and gently stirs up the fallen leaves on the ground. Dante sighs heavily as he has done periodically for the past few minutes. He walks to the nearest headstone and props his sword against it. “You don’t mind if I sit here for a bit, do you?” he asked the person buried below him as he settled himself alongside his faithful companion.

Here’s a situation Dante has had before. He’s in a quiet place where anything can happen or nothing can happen. It reminds him of the boring jobs Lady has suckered him into doing. They start out extremely quiet and get even quieter. After Lady swindles some more cash out of her contact, Dante is usually left holding the check. Lady’s jobs usually involve punk kids causing mischief, but once in a while they’ll involve the very thing that peaks Dante’s interest—demons. Big jobs for Lady typically revolve around demons which in turn involve Dante who would go on more assignments with Lady if not for one thing—lack of information. Dante has to play a guessing game when it came to her. If she told him about the job he’d refuse. However, this isn’t one of Lady’s jobs.

When things are this quiet for Dante, it means something is about to happen. Unlike Lady’s jobs, his start out quiet and get loud. This is one of those times. If something were to happen now would be perfect with Dante relaxing against the headstone.

Suddenly, a thin light streaks diagonally across the headstone. A split second later, the top half follows the cut that has been made and lands on the soft ground. The angel who sliced the headstone steps up to look at the empty space on front of it. Before it can begin its search for the man in red, the angel feels something cold pressed against its head.

Dante has somehow avoided getting an extremely close shave. He cracks a wide grin. “I thought I told you before…I don’t sleep much,” he says. A single shot rings out and the angel vanishes in a bright flash of light. Dante then scans the area to see that he is surrounded. It doesn’t take him long to figure these were the same angels he felt while doing a job in Europe. What started out to be uneventful has become interesting. Though they’re not demons, taking out a few of heaven soldiers just may be the medicine for his boredom. “Strange activity in the cemetery, eh?” Dante said. “So those disappearances were your doing? You guys have been pretty active. What, things in heaven starting to get dull? Well then, why don’t we help each other out and cure each other’s boredom.” The silver haired man thrusts his sword in the ground and stands behind it with his arms crossed holding his guns.

One angel quickly flies at Dante from behind. It twirls its staff and thrusts it forward. Dante spins around, deflects the weapon with Ebony and blasts the angel’s halo with Ivory. The other angels immediately converge on Dante the moment one of their own fell. Dante whips out a spinning back kick, striking his sword on its hilt. Rebellion flips end over end until it is impaled in one angel’s chest. Dante rushes through the crowd of heavenly hosts to retrieve his beloved weapon, dispatching them as he went. The angels swing their staffs in an attempt to stop him but to no avail. They can’t stop the Devil Hunter running their gauntlet. Dante leaps over two angels’ staffs, aims his guns and ends their existence before landing on the ground. The moment his feet touch the grass, he quickly side flips to avoid another staff and quickly takes out another angel. Dante stomps down on the staff of yet another angel. He smiles at this one before casually destroying its halo, and then he stops an attack from another of heaven’s helpers with one gun. Dante blasts the staff away and then does the same to the angel at the end of it. He resumes his rush toward the angel with Rebellion in its chest. Three of the angel’s comrades attempt to bar Dante’s path. The angel in front raises its staff high when Dante came close. Dante quickly jumps over the angel’s head as it brought its staff down and lands on its back, taking a moment to take a quick bow. The angel soon bucks him off. With a twist, Dante lands on the grass, throws one arm back and blasts his temporary pedestal away. The two other angels quickly rush Dante, flanking him on both sides. Dante blocks the incoming strikes with both Ebony and Ivory. He has the staffs locked in a parry with his guns. He looks at the angel to his right and then the one to his left. Flashing both of them his coolest grin, he whips his arm around, knocking both staffs away. Dante tosses his guns high in the air and makes a move for Rebellion.

“Thanks for holding this,” he says as he grabbed the sword’s hilt and flashed the angel his trademark grin. Dante retrieves Rebellion and boots the angel backward. It disappears in a flash of light before hitting the ground. An angel comes at Dante from the right. Dante blocks the swinging staff and cleaves the angel’s chest, destroying it. Twirling the sword around his body, he takes out a second angel before it could strike. He then swings the broadside of Rebellion forward, batting his pistols toward a group of angels on the move. Dante shoots himself forward with Rebellion drawn back. Thrusting the weapon forward, he impales one of the angels. He releases the sword, catches his guns he had passed by and unloads a couple rounds to take out two more on either side of him. After leaning to one side, Dante axe kicks the hilt of Rebellion, flipping it out of one angel and into another. He quickly returns Ebony and Ivory to their holsters and recovers his sword. Just then, Dante hears what sounds like a trumpet belting out a battle cry.

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