Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 9

Back inside, Dante was resting comfortably in his chair. His long legs formed a bridge to his mahogany desk which is yet another thing he still owes money for, just like the pizzas. A magazine covered his face and his arms were propped behind his head. He can hear the pair of motorcycle engines roar off in the distance. With Lady and Trish gone, Dante can get some rest before his next mission, whenever that will be.

No sooner than he finally gets relaxed did the phone ring. With a heavy sigh, Dante lifts one leg up and thumps his heel on the desk, flipping the phone off its cradle and into his hand. “Devil May Cry,” he answers. Dante listens carefully to the person the other end, all the while barely moving from his relaxed position. “Where at? Alright, I’ll be there,” he says. With a flick of the wrist, he flips the phone back on the cradle. After a moment of waiting, Dante swings his legs off the desk and stands. He then heads over to his coat hanging on the rack. The famed Devil Hunter slides into his trademark red coat, returns to his desk and twirls his twin pistols into their holsters. Sliding his sword Rebellion onto his back, Dante sets out on the mission he just received. “And that’s why I wasn’t going with you Lady. Because I knew something better was coming along,” he says, breaking into his coolest grin. He plunges his hands into his pockets and strolls to the front door. “Sorry Lady but you’re not screwing me out of this one,” Dante says before opening the door and walking out.

The south side of the city is full of danger. Only the most defoliant of people live here, rejected by society or by self-induced exile. Violent crime runs through the area like a minefield, striking suddenly before quickly fading away without a moment’s notice. The houses are mostly decadent. Some were hollowed out either by fire or left half demolished leaving them to rot like an open wound. Trash and debris from partially torn down houses littered the street and sidewalks.

People from all walks of urban life walk the streets, from the shady men on every corner to the scantily clad women patrolling the area for a good night. It is not for the faint of heart.

On one of the streets, there was a person who was certainly out of place amongst the south side’s depravity. She is dressed in a black form-fitting outfit with hair-like tassels hanging from her arms. Gold talismans donned the ends of the tassels. The woman walks away from the payphone she had just finished using. A small group of men across the street immediately notices her. They watch her closely, slowly tracing their eyes up and down her frame. Acknowledging each other with sly grins, the half dozen men follow the woman. She appears oblivious to their presence as she casually strolls down the street. Little do they know she has picked up on them long before they took their first step in their slow pursuit.

“Naughty little boys aren’t we?” the woman says with a smile. She leads the men down an alley. Drawn by her beauty, they follow her like lost puppies. The alley soon turns into a dead end. However, this doesn’t matter to the woman, for this was what she intended. She stops just before reaching the end and turns to face the men.

The nearest man, wearing blue jeans, a white T-shirt and his baseball hat backwards, approaches the woman. “Hey, sweetie, you look a little lost. Anything we can help you with,” he says.

“There is actually. What can you tell me about a man with a long red trench coat and silver hair?” she asks coyly.

“Hey, hey, a British chick,” one of the men, dressed in red jacket and pants, says taking notice of the woman’s accent.

Another man, wearing stonewash jeans and a hunter green tank shirt, laughs and says, “With those glasses, she might be a nanny. Careful man, she might give a spanking.” His comment produces laughter amongst the rest of the group.

The man with the backwards baseball cap quiets them down. The men’s almost immediate response suggests he is the leader. He returns his attention to the woman. “My apologies miss, my boys tend to get a bit rowdy,” he says with a smile. “Now, about this guy with a red coat and silver hair, we might know a little something about him. Heh, but why worry him when we could show a much better time.” The man with the backwards baseball cap looks at the woman with hungry eyes and slippery smile.

However, the woman is unfazed by the man’s smooth attitude. “I’m sure you boys are a lot of fun, but I already have a date. So if you gentlemen would be so kind,” she said. It is clear that they have no information about Dante. Seeing that they are wasting her time, she decides to leave the alley.

The man with the backwards baseball cap shows her that he has other plans when he quickly brandishes a switchblade. “Sorry sweetie, but when I say we’re going to show a good I mean it. So why don’t you be a good little girl and listen closely,” he says with a devious smile. A wave of devilish grins falls across the rest of the group.

The woman is not intimidated. She chuckles lightly and gently pushes up her glasses. “No, how about I show you a good time…by giving you all a spanking,” the woman smiled. An ominous aura begins to flow around the woman.

The men’s smiles fade from their faces as they gaze at the intense glow manifesting behind her. “Wh-What is that?” the man with the backwards baseball cap asks as fear begins to well up inside him.

“Oh don’t worry; it’s just someone I want you to meet. He doesn’t bite…much,” the woman says casually.

The men’s eyes grew wide as something slowly appeared behind the woman. It casts a large shadow over them as its very appearance strikes fear into their hearts. Then men watch the form take shape.

Soon a blood curdling scream fills the air of the south side of the city.

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