Yu-Gi-Oh X Beyblade!! Chapter 3!!


They end their conversation when Haiji waves Yugi over. He walks over to them where he is greeted by Gingka. “So you’re Yugi,” he says.
Yugi responds with a nod and says, “And you’re Gingka. I heard a lot about you from these guys.”
“Good things I hope,” Gingka smiled, rubbing the back on his neck. Yugi laughs with him.
“I’m Kenta. Nice to meet you,” he said.
“Same here, Kenta,” Yugi replied.
“And I’m Benkei. So you really beat Taito Katsuya, huh?” says Benkei.
Yugi nods. “I was just passing by when I saw Haiji and Yasha battling so I asked if I could join in and that’s when Taito showed up threatening to take away their beyblades.”
“Winning’s not enough for that guy! He’s gotta take other beys just to make his own stronger!” Benkei protested.
“But it takes more than a strong bey to win battles, Benkei,” said Kenta.
“I know that, but it just gets to me that someone would rip a bey apart like that,” said Benkei.
“You?! I’m the one who should be annoyed,” Madoka said while walking over to them. “I’ve been repairing beys all morning because of Taito Katsuya. Some I have to order parts for.” She steps toward Yugi and shows him the Dark Magician. She had repaired the gashes in his fusion wheel and buffed out the scratches. “Here you go. The Dark Magician is ready for another performance,” she says.
Yugi takes the beyblade of his favorite monster. He is amazed with the repairs Madoka has made and how quickly she finished. “Wow, this is amazing! Thanks Madoka,” he says.
“No problem,” said Madoka. Uso and Tatsu ask her about their beys. Madoka looks at them sadly. She tells them that she needs to order the parts for their beys. She offers to give them replacement beys but the boys refuse, saying that the only beys they will use are their own. Madoka smiles at them. They have committed themselves to their beyblades. “Don’t worry guys, I’ll get those parts as quickly as I can and have you back in the stadium in no time,” she assures them. Uso and Tatsu smile back, knowing that she will do her best and they’ll be back beyblading soon.
“That’s okay, Madoka,” said Uso.
“We know you’ll do your best,” Tatsu added.
Madoka laughs and says, “Aww, thanks guys.”
“We’re just glad that Yugi got his beyblade repaired,” Haiji said.
“Thanks for helping out, man,” Yasha said, shaking Yugi’s hand.
“I’m glad I could help,” replied Yugi.
“Well, we got to get back to practicing so we can be ready for when there’s another tournament,” says Yasha.
“Another tournament?” Gingka piped up. The thought of another tournament so soon after winning the Beyblade World Championship peeked his interest.
Yasha and Haiji laugh at Gingka’s zeal, knowing how much he loves battling. “There’s no tournament yet, Gingka. We just wanna be ready for when there is one,” Haiji tells him.
Gingka is slightly deflated. His heart was set on another Beyblade tournament and meeting new bladers to battle. True to his fashion, he puts on brave face. “Oh well, there’s no harm in being prepared, I guess,” he says.
Yasha, Haiji and the rest of their friends leave the B-Pit, bidding everyone farewell and Yasha telling Yugi to find them so they can continue their battle. Yugi replies with a nod. Once they have gone, Gingka, Kenta, Benkei and Madoka get to know Yugi. He tells them that he and his friends were separated without revealing the truth about him being sent from another world by the Egyptian judgment god Osiris. He will save that for when the time is appropriate. Gingka, Benkei and Kenta decide to help Yugi find his friends if they are in the city. They leave the B-Pit with Madoka telling them she will catch up after ordering the bey parts she needs.
“I really appreciate you helping me, Gingka. And you as well Benkei and Kenta,” said Yugi.
“We know what it’s like to want to be with your friends,” Kenta said.
“That’s right! There’s nothing like good friendship and being with your pals,” Benkei added.
“You said it, Benkei,” Gingka said cheerfully. “C’mon, Yugi. Let’s find your friends.”
“In the meantime, how about you tell us a little about them, just in case someone saw them, they be able to tell us where they went,” Kenta suggested.
“Alright.” Yugi tells Gingka, Benkei and Kenta about how Jonouchi Katsuya and Hiroto Honda were bullies at first who later became his best friends, and Anzu Mazaki whom he knew growing up and what a positive influence they all have been to each other. He even tells them about how they are always with him and help each other out. Gingka, Benkei and Kenta can relate. They have each other’s back no matter what. Kenta even teased Benkei about how he started out as a bully before becoming one of his closest friends. Yugi felt comfortable around this trio of strangers. They made him feel at ease, just like his friends. Usually in this type of situation some evil is after the Millennium Puzzle and the power of the Pharaoh. So far nothing of the sort happened. So far.
“Your pals sound awesome, Yugi,” said Gingka.
“Yeah, I haven’t met them and already I like them,” Kenta added.
“They sound great. Now we really gotta find them,” said Benkei.
“Yeah, they sure are. I just hope they’re alright,” said Yugi.
“Well we won’t know until we find them. C’mon, let’s ask around,” Gingka says with brimming smile. Kenta, Benkei and Yugi nod in response. They enter a shopping district and begin asking store owners, customers and the public if they have seen Yugi’s friends. With each response, Yugi slowly begins to despair. Maybe Jonouchi, Anzu and Honda weren’t sent along with him by Osiris. But he cannot take that chance. He has to be sure one way or the other. Soon they come across a young man with silver hair tied in a loose pony tail wearing a brown sleeveless shirt with lavender marks, and a pair of creamy loose-fitting pants. The silver haired boy recognizes Gingka.
“Hey Gingka,” he greets him.
“Hey Tsubasa,” Gingka replies back.
Kenta, Benkei and Yugi walk over to Gingka, telling him that they had no luck in the search for Yugi’s friends. Benkei and Kenta greet Tsubasa, who then asks about Yugi. Gingka tells him about Yugi and how they are helping him search for his friends.
“Man, that’s harsh. What do they look like? I might have seen them,” said Tsubasa. Yugi describes Jonouchi, Anzu and Honda to him. Tsubasa thinks hard but he cannot recall seen anyone fitting those descriptions. “No, I afraid I haven’t. I’m sorry,” he answers.
“Oh I see,” said Yugi, with a despairing sigh.
Tsubasa, seeing the sad look on the spiky haired boy’s face, gives him some reassurance. “Yugi, was it? I’m heading over to the mall. How about I keep an eye for your friends? I’ll let them know that you’re looking for them. They might be doing the same.”
Yugi, glad to have more help, thanks Tsubasa. “You might be right. Thanks…Tsubasa, right?” he says. Tsubasa responds with a nod.
“Thanks a lot Tsubasa. Let us know if you find them, okay?” Gingka said.
“I will,” Tsubasa replied. He waves bye and heads to the mall down the street. Gingka, Benkei, Kenta and Yugi resume their search in the shopping district. They have yet to find anyone who has seen Jonouchi, Honda or Anzu. Yugi begins to despair but he cannot lose hope. Tsubasa may be right. They are probably looking for him just as hard. He knows they will not give up. Yugi cannot either. Not until they are reunited. Yugi asks another person. Just then, a boy wearing a light green uniform with sandy blonde hair walks into the shopping district. He looks around the area and spots Kenta, then Gingka and then Benkei. He wonders why they are in the district. The boy is soon spotted by Kenta who calls to him.
“Hey Yu!” says Kenta. He trots over to him.
“Hey, Kenchy. What’s up?” said Yu. “What’re you guys doing here?”
“We’re helping Yugi find his friends,” Kenta answered.
Yu looked at him blankly. “Uh…who?”
Kenta calls Gingka, Benkei and Yugi over to him. They explain to Yu the situation with Yugi and how he beat Taito Katsuya. “Gee, that’s too bad,” said Yu.
“We’ve been asking around to see if anyone seen Yugi’s friends. Have you seen them, Yu?” asked Kenta.
“I dunno. What do they look like?” Yu says.
“Jonouchi has orange hair and probably wearing a white shirt with a stripe across it. Honda is wearing a green jacket and has dark brown hair and Anzu has short brown and wearing a pink and yellow outfit,” Yugi tells Yu.
“Sounds like something Madoka would wear,” Yu commented. He thinks for a moment before answering. “I haven’t seen the guys but I did see a girl who looks like that.”
The news shocks Yugi. “You’ve seen Anzu?!” he asks with urgency.
“Where did you see her, Yu?” Gingka asks him.
“Over in the park,” Yu answers, turning and pointing behind him.
“How long ago did you see her?” said Kenta.
“A couple minutes ago,” says Yu.
Again, shock washes over everyone. Gingka suggests they hurry to the park to see if they can still catch up to Anzu. Yu follows behind, yelling for them to wait for him. When asked by Benkei, Yu says he saw her around the fountain. “Alright everyone, let’s split up. If you find any of Yugi’s friends, bring them back here to the fountain. Okay?” said Gingka.
“You got it!” Benkei said.
“Yup!” replied Kenta.

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