Arcana X 2nd Assingment: Bitter Suites to Succubi!! Chapter 4 Pt.2!!

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Amanda awakens sometime later. It takes a moment before she realizes that she is in the bath. Beatrice is sitting across from her with a smile drawn on her face. “Nice to see you awake,” she says.
Amanda sits up a bit and rubs her head. “How did I get in here?” she wondered. She also wondered why her head hurt.
“After you passed out, I carried you in here. I figured you could use a relaxing bath after your little run,” Beatrice tells her. A moment later, she adds, “Although, you did seem a bit heavier than you look.”
“I am not!” Amanda quickly shot back. Beatrice laughs loudly. When Beatrice asked her how she felt, Amanda replied, “I’m fine now.”
“Good, then shall we get ready to leave?” Beatrice said.
“Yes, Milady,” replied Amanda.
Amanda and Beatrice leave the bath and head into their bedrooms. Beatrice puts on her dress that was delivered to her. It is white with no sleeves and the low neck line exposed her full vast cleavage. The outfit is tapered at the waist to give her more of an hour glass figure. She then begins adding the accessories. A deep red corset that stops just below her bust, red and black armlets, a set of goggles and a short sleeveless brown jacket with the Crest of Arcana emblazoned on the back. Beatrice slips on and laces up her knee high black boots. She checks herself in the mirror. So far she is satisfied with her look. After a quick adjustment of her bust, she checks in on Amanda. “Amanda, are you ready?” she said.
“Um, Lady Beatrice, I’m not sure about this,” Amanda said unsurely though the door.
“Aw, come on. It’s just Willow’s clothes. She won’t mind if you’re wearing them.”
“I know but,” Amanda says before opening the door and stepping out of her room. The outfit that Beatrice has set out for her is a Lolita type dress that is black and dark blue with small gold pinstripes. The skirt is short and the top is cut low to show her full bust which is a bit more than she liked. Black stockings and platform Mary Jane shoes complete the look. Amanda stood before Beatrice with a face red from embarrassment. Beatrice could not keep herself from staring at her. In all of Amanda’s four years of service as her subordinate, she has never seen her dress racy. Amanda has always kept herself more on the conservative side. Seeing her in the outfit almost puts Beatrice beside herself. However, the moment passes quickly. “No offense, Lady Beatrice but Miss Willow’s outfits are a bit revealing,” said Amanda.
Beatrice sighs, knowing that Amanda has misgivings about the outfit. “Look, I know how much this bothers you,” she says in a comforting tone. She walks behind Amanda and rest her hands on her shoulders. “But this is necessary. Sometimes we have to do things that make us uncomfortable in order to make others comfortable. If we arrived at Eshtar’s Counsel Hall dressed in our regular attire, the Steamists and Alchemists wouldn’t listen to us and that would cause even more conflict between them with Eshtar caught in the middle. If it makes you feel any better, I’m conflicted with dressing like this as well but duty cannot be ignored. And besides…” Beatrice stops Amanda at the large mirror on her wardrobe cabinet. Her explanation kept the young subordinate distracted while she guided Amanda to it.
Amanda looks at herself in the mirror. She is awe struck by her reflection. She has never worn anything risqué before mostly due to growing up with her brothers. There was hardly any time for girly things which had to come later once her brothers left on their own. Amanda turns to one side and then the other. Willow is the only other woman she knows who dresses like this. In truth, she did imagine herself in Willow’s clothes but she could never bring herself to exercise that fantasy. Seeing how she looks now, her true regret is not trying this sooner. “I…I look amazing,” Amanda finally says.
“Wow, who knew you were hiding that body,” said Beatrice. Then she cups Amanda’s bosom in her hands. The action catches Amanda by surprise. “Willow was right. You are bigger than you show,” she adds, gently squeezing her breasts for emphasis.
“Lady Beatrice, please,” Amanda whined softly.
“Okay,” Beatrice smiled as she removed her hands. “C’mon. Let’s hurry to Eshtar.”
“Yes, Milady,” Amanda replied.
They leave their room with Amanda giving herself one more look in the mirror and smiling with approval. As they make their way to the front gate, Beatrice talks to Amanda about being herself. “Amanda, I want you to remember, it’s okay to let yourself go once in a while. You don’t have to be a stickler all the time. It gets tiring after a while,” she tells her.
“But aren’t we supposed to keep up standards at all times?” asked Amanda.
“That may be true, but like I said, it gets boring eventually. We all have our duties to perform but there is also time to simply be ourselves when the time is appropriate.”
“Like when we bathe together?”
Beatrice and Amanda were oblivious to the other knights who were roaming about. They were listening to the ladies’ conversation but mostly the men were gawking at them wide-eyed. The men recognized Lady Beatrice and First Lieutenant Amanda right away; however, they have never seen them dress in such risqué attire. Lady Beatrice they were used to because of her revealing armor but seeing First Lieutenant Amanda dressed in something so revealing is a shock to them. They are easily distracted as Beatrice and Amanda walk by them without skipping a beat in their conversation.
“It’s odd that you were raised with four brothers yet you keep yourself closed in,” Beatrice noted.
“Well, there wasn’t time for me to be a proper girl so I ended up being as rowdy as my brothers until my mother sent me to Aldine for refinement grooming as she called it,” Amanda says. “My mother was pretty harsh with those lessons.”
Hearing Amanda’s story sparked an old memory in Beatrice. “Sounds like my father. He disciplined me into being a warrior since he had no sons and I was willing to prove myself to him. He showed Willamina better treatment. So like you, I hardly had time to be feminine. That’s why moments like this and when we bathe together are special. We can let our hair down and let it hang out.”
Amanda laughs with Beatrice. “You’re right, Milady. If it’s not too much trouble, can we do this more often?” says Amanda.
“I don’t see the harm. We’ll bring Willow with us next time.”
Beatrice and Amanda continue down the stairs toward the front gate. Along the way, several of their male peers were enthralled by their conversation and racy attire which resulted in them making careless mistakes. One knight had walked into a table, knocking it over and smashing the vase that rested upon it. He stood over it wondering what to do about the mess. Another knight bumped into his fellow peer. They exchanged looks with the knight that caused the collision raised his hands in surrender and continued on his way. Just as Beatrice and Amanda approached the main stairway, a young knight stared at them as they started down the stairs. He had turned around just before he slammed into a wall. The two knights at the opposite end of the wall chuckled at his blunder. He smiles sheepishly and casually walks away, dropping his head in shame once he is around the corner.

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