Defenders Episode 5: The Fury of Incubus!! Chapter 8 Pt.1!!


Edenia and her guest continue to watch the battle closely on the Scrying Wall. While the Spirit of Earth is impressed with Guardian’s skills, the man expresses no strong feelings. He has kept his resolve while he witnessed an amazing battle. Guardian has shown great versatility while fighting Incubus. He has addressed his opponent’s skills and met them accordingly. The man is curious as to what will happen next though he is not showing it. He lays his eyes on the image of Incubus from a few moments ago. There is something about the Dark Realm warrior that troubles him. Hs gaze sharpens. Could he be, he wondered.
Edenia notices the concentrated gaze of her guest. “Something troubles you?”
“The warrior from the Dark Realm,” he starts, “Does something seem oddly familiar about him?”
“Now that you mention it,” Edenia says, agreeing with him. “I sensed something about that warrior when he first arrived.”
“I don’t want to make assumptions, but—”
“Then let’s not,” said Edenia, cutting her guest off. “For now, let’s see how this battle transpires.”
A few moments pass before Incubus begins to move and struggles to stand up. Guardian appears in a flash of lightning just as Incubus gets to his knees. He stares at the weakened Incubus and almost takes pity on him. “This fight doesn’t have to continue Incubus. Your power’s far too low for you to even attack. I suggest you use what you have left to return to your Dark Realm,” said Guardian.
Incubus remains silent as he looks up at Guardian and tries to think of a way to beat him. “No, it can’t end like this. There’s got to be a way to beat him. I can’t believe I came so close to defeating him before; I should have just finished him off when I had the chance. I let my confidence get in the way and now I’m paying for it. There’s got to be a heat source in this island somewhere if I can only just find it,” he thought. Incubus uses the mountain side to push himself upright; however, just as he laid his hand on the surface he could feel heat emitting from under the rocks. He thought about why would there be heat coming from the mountain for a moment until he realized that this wasn’t a mountain; it was a volcano. Though no longer active, he could feel a large source of heat from below the surface. A cunning smile comes across his face as he notices that he will once again have to advantage needed for him to win against Guardian. Perfect, he says silently.
“So are you going to give up or do want to expend the last bit of your energy in trying to defeat me,” Guardian said. His question is answered with a low wicked chuckle from Incubus that started to rise. “You’re awful cheery for a guy who’s nearly out of power,” Guardian said. He had hoped Incubus would take the better advice and leave peacefully. It is clear that option has been rejected.
“Out of power? I beg to differ. In fact, I’m starting to feel better already,” Incubus said as he smiled slyly at Guardian, who is puzzled by Incubus’s sudden display of confidence.
Just then the ground beneath Guardian’s feet began to glow bright reddish-orange. Sensing something is wrong, he quickly dove out of the way just as a tower of flame erupted from the ground. “That was close,” Guardian said. But his moment of relief is interrupted as another reddish-orange glow began to form under him. Again he dives out of the way of the erupting tower of flame and just as he lands, yet another one if forming and jumps backward out of the way of this one. Three more flaming pillars erupt in Guardian’s path one after another but he manages to avoid them all. “Now where did those come from?” said Guardian. Again his question is answered with evil laughter from Incubus. He turns and looks at Incubus surprised that he still had energy to spare. “You! You created those?!” he said surprised, “But how? You were nearly out of power?”
Incubus laughed and said, “Guardian, you fool! You should be more careful about where you send me! It could come back to burn you in the end!”
“How did Incubus recover his energy? I knocked this guy a thousand ways of Sunday; he shouldn’t have had enough power to pull off an attack like that! Where is he getting this heat energy from?” Guardian is taken aback as he tried to figure out how the battle once again turned in Incubus’ favor. He quickly scans the landscape. There is no plant life to speak of across the barren grounds. Has Incubus been holding back? That couldn’t be it, he thought. Someone like him would go all out. Then what, he wondered. Guardian traces his eyes back to Incubus when he spots something. To the back left of Incubus he sees what looks like to be the remains of a few trees. They are blackened and covered with ash, and pressed firmly into the ground as if something rolled over them. He has seen this somewhere before. Guardian looks to Incubus’ right. He sees the same thing except there is more trees. Then it strikes him. He shoots his gaze at the mountain and realizes he made a terrible mistake. There is only one reason for the charred remains of trees at the base of a mountain. “Dammit, it’s a volcano! This was the last thing he needed!”
“Did you figure it out yet, Guardian?!” Incubus said aloud, “Oh by the way, thanks for your help, mate! It’s kind of ironic, in a way. I had a chance to finish you off and I let it slip away, and you had a chance to do the same thing to me. It’s a shame Guardian, I was lying right here at the base of this volcano almost totally out of power and all you had to do was use one of lightning attacks to finish me. But you didn’t. You had a golden opportunity and you blew it, all because you had to be sentimental.”
“Great, of all the islands, we get one with a dang volcano on it,” Guardian said grimly.
Incubus erupts with laughter. “What are going to do now, mate? I got a volcano behind me,” he says. Then he swings one arm up and conjures a pillar of flame. Guardian throws himself out the way just in time. A second longer and he would’ve been reduced to ash. Incubus laughs tauntingly and says, “and a lava lake below me!”
Guardian glares at Incubus, angry at his own carelessness. He knows this battle will turn ugly unless he can somehow regain he advantage. As long as Incubus is here, Guardian will not able to win and the Dark Realm will be one step closer to taking over the Earth. He cannot let that happen. He cannot let them harm innocent people. He cannot let them harm Sarah. Guardian peeks over his shoulder at the forest in the distance. When he knocked Incubus in this direction, he failed to notice that he is out of range of the storm. There he will have the advantage again and the approaching storm will secure his victory. First, he has to lead Incubus away from the volcano.
“There’s nothing you can do now, mate?” Incubus taunted.
Guardian has to find a way to distract Incubus so he can make it back to the forest. He resorts to the only strategy his has available—his sarcasm. “You really think so, eh? So you got a lava lake under your feet and volcano up your butt. Big whoop, doesn’t mean you can beat me,” he says, throwing a snug grin.
“Is that so?” said Incubus. Then he laughs and says, “How about I give you a hot foot just to prove my point!” The Aussie warrior swipes one arm upward. Guardian leaps just as the ground beneath his feet glows bright orange and a column of flame erupts. He uses his amazing agility to avoid several more pillars of flame that follow. Once he sees the opportunity, Guardian rushes forward a short distance and he hurls a Lightning Sphere. Incubus conjures a pillar of flame to intercept the Lightning Sphere. The flames consume the orb of electricity. Incubus disperses his protective fire. He is about to attack again when he spots Guardian flying off in the direction of the forest. It isn’t a moment before Incubus figures out Guardian’s plan. “Sorry, mate, not gonna work.”
Guardian speeds back to the forest. He looks up for a moment at the storm. “Damn, fighting Incubus here has taken me out of range of the thunderstorm. It’ll be about three minutes before it gets here,” he says, “I just have to buy three minutes.” Guardian is nearly back to the forest when suddenly a large tower of flame appears in front of him, bringing him to an abrupt halt. Incubus bursts from with the tower of flame. Guardian barely blocks the strike in time, but the kick to his side gets through. Incubus presses his assault. Guardian cannot defend well since he was caught off balance. The trench coated hero takes several hits with the last one sending him sailing to the ground. Guardian twists around, hurls a Lightning Sphere and uses the momentum of his fall to bank right and make for the forest again. Incubus defends against the incoming Lightning Sphere with a wall of fire. Once it dissipates, he quickly spots a short distance below Guardian heading for the forest again. A wicked grin stretches across his face as he holds on arm out to his side. A pillar of flame erupts from the ground, stopping Guardian in his tracks sand forcing him to change direction. Just then another pillar of flame shoots into the sky, barring Guardian yet again. Incubus calls upon two more pillars at Guardian’s back left and right. With the pillar he summoned before, Incubus has trapped the accused murderer of his family.

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