Yu-Gi-Oh X Beyblade!! Chapter 1 Pt.5!!


“If I don’t do something, Taito’s bey will strike Dark Magician again. But it’s too fast. There has to be something I can do.” Yugi thought. Yami and Yugi fear for their bey. They had promised that they would beat Taito so Haiji, Yasha and the other kids can Beyblade in this area of the city. In addition, they must find a way to return to their world and to do that they must pass Osiris’ test. But this is just the surface. Taito is a bully. Yugi knows firsthand about being bullied. Before they were friends, Jonouchi Katsuya and Hiroto Honda used to bully Yugi. However, the hall monitor at their school extorted Yugi for protection and beat up Jonouchi and Hiroto for a price Yugi did not ask for. He told Yugi that he’d get the same treatment if he didn’t pay him. Luckily, the Spirit of the Millennium Puzzle taught the extortionist a lesson. Yugi cannot let Taito extort these kids. He cannot let them feel the same pain he felt. He has to do something. “I have to do something! I cannot let Taito continue to bully anyone else!” As Yugi’s emotions rise, the Dark Magician begins glowing brightly. Desert Rattler shoots in for another strike. It is repelled at the moment of impact.
“What?!” Taito said surprised. “How did he block that? I had that stinkin’ magician beat!” Desperate to not lose, he has Desert Rattler attack Dark Magician again. The snake is repulsed again. “No, I won’t lose to some punk! I will take your bey!” he yells.
“Taito!” Yami Yugi firmly says a loud. “You’re a bully and an extortionist! You will not be getting these or any other beys! I will stop you! Now witness the power of my Dark Magician!” Yami Yugi’s bey glows intensely in response to his emotions. Soon an image of the Dark Magician emerges from the bey. He looks at Taito and waves a finger. “Taito, this battle’s over! Dark Magician! Dark Magic Attack!” Yami calls out. Dark Magician twirls his staff and fires a blast at the rattle snake image of Desert Rattler. Taito throws his arms in front of him to shield himself from the intense light that manifests. At the same time, the Dark Magician bey, wrapped in a black aura, charges toward Desert Rattler and sends it flying with a powerful ram. The light fades just a Desert Rattler slams into the ground and becomes lodged.
Taito looks at his bey half buried in the ground in shock. He cannot believe he lost. “I…lost,” he said. Then he yells, “How could I lose?! How could I lose to some no talent punk like you?!”
“You lost the moment you forgot what it’s like to be a real blader!” Haiji said aloud.
Taito glares at the kid who dares speak to him harshly.
“That’s right! Stealing other people’s bey parts is not going to make you a strong blader!” Yasha added.
“And that’s why you’re not going to beat Gingka!” said Haiji. “To be a good blader, you have to have a strong bey spirit and you have to believe in yourself and your bey. As long as you have that, you can be a strong blader.”
“Shut up, you brats! Just who do you think you’re talking to, huh?” Taito shot back. He has heard enough about bey spirit and fighting from Gingka. Fighting hard and having a strong bey are what he believes in. He has been in constant battle since he lost in the qualifying round of the Beyblade World Tournament, defeating any who cross his path and taking their beys for their parts in order to make a bey strong enough to beat Gingka Hagane and his bey Galaxy Pegasus. He hasn’t lost a battle since until now. Hearing Haiji and Yasha talk about Gingka like he is someone to be worshipped, he has heard enough. “All I hear outta you runts is Gingka this and Gingka that! A strong bey spirit? Ridiculous! Only a strong bey wins battles and I will make a bey strong enough to shut your hero up for good!”
“Enough!” Yami Yugi says sternly. “It takes more than strength to win a battle. You must also have courage and heart.” At this moment, Dark Magician leaps out of the stadium and into Yami’s hand. He continues his speech, “And you must have belief in your bey. Haiji and Yasha are correct. Your bey will never be strong enough no matter how many parts you use as long as you have a selfish heart. Taito Katsuya, you have lost this battle because you don’t have courage and heart. Those are the fundamentals of a strong bey spirit! Correct, Haiji and Yasha?”
Haiji and Yasha smile brightly. “Yeah!” they say in unison.
Taito glowers at them and grinds his teeth. He turns away, walks over to his Desert Rattler and pulls it from the ground. He holds it in his palm. The parts he used in it were not good enough. The blader he just faced is in a different class than him. He is not as strong as Gingka but he is in that class of bladers nonetheless. Bey spirit, Taito thinks. Ridiculous. He just needs to make Desert Rattler stronger with better parts. He peers over at Yami Yugi. If he had beaten Yami, the parts he would’ve gotten from his bey would make Desert Rattler stronger. Strong enough to beat Galaxy Pegasus. This loss is a minor setback. “Go on and talk about that bey spirit junk all you want. The only reason you won is because you have a strong bey so don’t hand me a bunch of nonsense about belief! This isn’t over, pal! I’ll get more parts to make my bey stronger and the next time I see you, you’re done!” said Tatio. He then looks at one of his gang with red bandanna decorated with skulls. “Give these runts their beys back,” he said, remembering the agreement he and Yami had. The gang member steps forward and tosses a hand full of bey parts to the ground.
“Our beys!” two boys, one with short almond hair and one with dark crew cut hair, exclaimed. Seeing their beys scattered across the ground in such disarray upset them. They rush over and begin picking up their destroyed beys.
“Hey! You broke ‘em!” Yasha hollered out.
“Be glad that I even gave them back!” Taito shot back. “And as for you,” he says pointing at Yami, “you better watch out next time!” With that, he and his gang leave.
The girl among the group with long blonde pig tails consoles the two boys whose beys were brutally torn apart by Taito. “That Taito, he’s so mean. No one needs to treat a bey like this,” she says. “Don’t worry, Tatsu, Uso. Moki can fix them. We’ll take them to her and she’ll make your beys like new.”
“You sure, Azuzu?” Uso, the boy with short almond hair, asked.
“Yeah, they’re in pretty bad shape,” Tatsu, the dark crew cut boy, added.
“Of course, Moki can fix any bey,” Azuzu said with a beaming smile. Tatsu and Uso return her smile. They will have their beys repaired and back to blading in no time.
With the battle over, Yami switches back with Yugi. Yugi looks at Tatsu and Uso. He knows how they feel about their beys. They cherish them same as he does his duel cards. For a moment, his mind flickers back to Duelist Kingdom when Weevel Underwood tossed his Exodia cards into the ocean while they were aboard the yacht taking them to Duelist Kingdom island. He also recalls Jonouchi diving overboard after them in an attempt to recover the cards that once belonged to his grandpa. However, unlike the Exodia cards, Tatsu and Uso have a chance to recover their beys.
“Hey Yugi,” he looks at Haiji, “thanks a lot for getting Uso and Tatsu’s beys back.”
“And for taking care of Taito,” Yasha added.
“Glad I could help,” smiles Yugi. “And I’d like to thank the two of you. If it wasn’t for your help, I’d might not have beaten Taito.”
Haiji and Yasha smile brightly. They were also happy to help Yugi out in beating Taito Katsuya who has given them and other bladers so much trouble. It is then that Yasha notices the damage on Dark Magician’s fusion wheel as Yugi placed it back in the holder on his belt that used to hold his Duel Monsters deck. “Dark Magician is looking pretty bad,” Yasha points out stepping toward Yugi for a closer look.
Yugi holds up his bey and gasps in shock. “My Dark Magician!” he says. Scratches, deep and superficial, decorate the sides of Dark Magician’s fusion wheel. There are a couple spots where large chunks have been taken out by Desert Rattler’s multi-bladed fusion wheel. Dark Magician battled hard against Desert Rattler and won, but not without suffering the scars. To Yugi, seeing the scratches on his bey disheartened him the same if someone would’ve torn his Dark Magician card.
“Don’t worry, Yugi. We’ll take you to see Moki. She’ll fix your bey,” Haiji tells him.
“Moki. She can fix my Dark Magician?” Yugi asked.
Haiji nods and says, “Yeah, she’s really good. Her shop isn’t far from here.”
“We’re going to get Uso and Tatsu’s beys repaired as well. We’re sure she’ll fix yours after she hears how you helped us out,” says Yasha.
“Wow, thanks. I really appreciate it,” Yugi replies, joyed to hear such news. He follows the group on the way to this girl who can fix beys. Yugi was unsure when he first arrived in this world. There some things that are similar to his world and some that are not. He is still not sure why Osiris has sent him here or for what purpose. All he knows so far is that the answer is centered on the Dark Magician bey he holds in his hand. He must play the game and wait for the answer to be revealed. For now, Yugi will make the most of this world with his newfound companions.

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