The X-Files Returns


The sci-fi, alien, cult classic TV series X-Files is returning in all its glory after 13 years! Starring Gillian Anderson as the dubious, scientific and logical FBI Agent Dana Scully, and David Duchovny as her theorist, visionary partner, FBI Agent Fox Mulder. The show broke ground as a serious, conspiracy-theory centered series with plot lines and philosophies that ran deep.

The original TV series ran 9 seasons, from September 1993 to May 2002, with two feature films released: The X-Files: Fight the Future released in 1998 and The X-Files: I Want to Believe released in 2008. While the movies had mixed reception, the show and actors have won numerous awards and the show was the longest-running science fiction series in U.S. television history.

I am a huge fan and am confident this return will be epic. Not only are Anderson and Duchovny returning, but also Mitch Pileggi who plays Assistant Director Skinner and William B. Davis as the Cigarette Smoking Man.

Handy bit of information – all 9 seasons are on Netflix! I’m pretty certain a long Netflix marathon is in your horizon… get in as many episodes as possible before the January premiere.

Check out a preview below and try your best not to squeal too loudly (never mind… go for it):

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