This Red Woman in Caribee!! Sleepy Hollow S3 Ep.6 Recap!!



Pandora summons another dark creature to wreak havoc in Sleepy Hollow. Crane and Abbie head to the courthouse to meet with the judge for Crane’s immigration case to find him raving madly before he dies from a strange affliction. After Reynolds discovers that Jenny and Joe are interfering with an FBI investigation, Abbie talks with Jenny about backing off the Nevins’s case. She heads to the archives and learn from a passage in Grace Dickson’s journal about the same affliction that affected George Washington and his camp, and how Grace helped Washington and Betsy Ross stopped the creature called the Soucouyant. Abbie is called to investigate another victim, a PTA member. Abbie calls Crane and they determine that the creature is after authority figures. Reynolds has been afflicted by the insect and begins raging at Abbie. She gets Reynolds to stop the van where she takes him down and handcuffs him after he attacks her. Reynolds is taken to the Masonry cell under the archives while Jenny and Joe gather ingredients listed in Grace Dickson’s journal. Reynolds is given the antidote. Abbie and Crane are able to locate the demon’s hive and set out the destroy it. Meanwhile, Joe Corbin meets with an old friend of his father who removes a jewel hidden in the Shard of Anubis. Joe is taken outside by the men where Jenny is waiting and she takes the jewel from the man before locking him and his associates in a shed. Just as Jenny and Joe drive away, the jewel is absorbed into Jenny’s hand. Their investigation takes Abbie and Crane to Pandora’s lair where they fight and defeat the demon. However, Pandora’s plan comes to fruition. The tree is cultivating opens and she enters it before Abbie and Crane can stop her. Afterward, Reynolds recovers after the death of the demon, Abbie and Crane plot their next action in preparation of Pandora’s return and Jenny has a fitful night haunted by visions after absorbing the Jewel of Anubis.


It’s nice to see Abbie and Crane getting back to basics taking down monsters sent to attack the citizens of Sleepy Hollow. This week they tangle with a Trinidad legendary monster known as the Soucouyant. According to Trinidadian folklore, the Soucouyant is a type of vampire often seen as a haggard woman who strips off her skin and turns into a fire insect and drink human blood. For Sleepy Hollow, the Soucouyant is a woman was insect like features that turns into a swarm of wasps, native to Trinidad. Pandora summoned this creature to invoke the final fear, which makes the sixth and final flower on her tree to blossom. Pandora enter the tree after it opens. Ichabod Crane surmises that the tree is a possible gateway into the underworld. This reminds me of Tim Burton’s “Sleepy Hollow” film in which the Headless Horseman emerged from a twisted tree of this type. In folklore, several cultures refer to trees as harboring entrances to the underworld. Norse mythology has the Yggdrasil, which is a world tree that connects the three levels—heaven, the terrestrial and, through its roots, the underworld. It is possible that Pandora has grown a far smaller version of the world and used it to enter the underworld to bring about chaos to the earth. Abbie and Crane will have to be ready for the impending threat.


Jenny and Joe have been chasing after an artifact known as the Shard of Anubis. What is the shard and what does it do? Little has been revealed but it is likely not good. This is evident when Jenny absorbs the jewel that was hidden in the shard and begins having visions that will undoubtedly raise questions.

The main idea in this episode is Abbie making a choice with her career. So far, she has been dividing her time between her FBI work and fighting the dark forces of evil. But both lives nearly intersected each other when Daniel Reynolds finds that her sister Jenny and Joe Corbin have gotten close to an FBI case while searching for the Shard of Anubis. This is but the first step into Abbie’s decision. The other is when Pandora enters the underworld through her wicked tree, likely plotting some more fun for the witnesses. Last step is Abbie realizing that she cannot pussyfoot around the hidden dangers the Bearer of the Box has in store for her and Crane, and their loved ones. She makes her choice to be at Crane’s side, ready to face whatever atrocities Pandora throws at them as long as she works out another problem—convincing Daniel Reynolds that monsters are real. Frank Irving was extremely skeptic at first until an encounter with the Headless Horseman set him straight. That might not be so easy with Reynolds. But this can become a problem if something isn’t done.

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