The Son of Gotham!! Gotham S2 Ep.10 Recap!!



Officer Parks’ death has Jim Gordon on edge about Theo Galavan. He and Bullock investigate a church belonging to the Order of Saint Dumas. On the way, they encounter a bath house that is being under siege. Jim enters to find a man dead. He is then attacked by a knife wielding monk. Jim fights and injures the monk who runs outside until Jim catches up with him. The monk throws himself in front of an oncoming truck. Bruce and Silver are abducted from school by men who are looking for information to what Theo Galavan knows about the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Bruce is taken back by the man. After reporting about the monk to Barnes, Jim and Bullock enter the sewers where they find an alter and body. Bullock is attacked by a monk who is soon knocked down by him. While Bullock calls for an ambulance, Jim tries to get information from the monk. He gets the same message as the other one. At the abandoned building, the man reenters the room where Silver is and forces her to reveal the name her uncle gave her. Once she does, Bruce and Selina reveal that the whole thing was set up by them. At Galavan’s court hearing, Aubrey James testifies that it was Penguin, not Galavan, who kidnapped and tortured him, setting Galavan free. Jim, upset of this, goes after Galavan and is taken out by two officers who use a stun gun on him. He awakens at the docks where Theo reveals his identity as Dumas. He gives Jim a chance to fight him but Jim is soundly beaten. Galavan leaves, telling the two officers to kill Jim. The officers beat Jim until he is rescued by Penguin who knows about Galavan going free. Bruce Wayne is searching through papers at home when he is visited by Theo Galavan.


Bruce Wayne is certainly coming into his own at a young age. It took time but the finally wised up to Galavan and his niece Silver St. Cloud. With help from Selina, who uses her woman’s intuition to see through Silver, Bruce set up an elaborate kidnapping that got him the information about his parent’s murder that he sought. He used and manipulated Silver, playing with her emotions. He even went as far as to threaten Silver’s life; a tactic he will use later when he dons that familiar cowl. This scene was very dramatic and required both child actors to really sell this and they did. I am more impressed with each episode that David Mazouz is in. Playing the role of Bruce Wayne in any “Batman” cannon is a tall order and David has yet to cease delivering quality portrayal of an iconic character.


It was no surprise that Theo Galavan had a plan in motion before he was caught by Jim Gordon. More accurately, he had it in motion when he kidnapped Mayor Aubrey James. There was no way Theo was going to jail. He has already shown that he has incredible insight and is amazingly cunning. The guy could give Lex Luthor a run for his money. He was able to show up Gotham’s toughest cop Jim Gordon, who knew all along that Galavan was no good. Gordon had been chasing Galavan since the incident with Jerome and after he found out that the inmates at Arkham were broken out by Galavan. But Theo was able to duck and dodge Gordon at every turn (seriously, he could walk in the middle of a firing range and not get shot) while wearing a smile most confident. He wasn’t going to get caught and he knew it. Theo Galavan is just that dang smart and he is really good at covering tracks. The perfect example of this is when Aubrey James fingered the Penguin as his captor instead of Galavan, which means that Theo has some hold over James that has yet to be revealed. Theo has become a likeable villain and with him, comes the flair that keeps the series intense and have you wanting more. You can’t help but love to hate him.