Defenders Episode 5: The Fury of Incubus Chapter 10 (Concluded)


“No, this can’t happen! He can’t win! I WON’T LET HIM!!” Incubus shouted, seeing himself losing ground against Guardian. He struggles with all his power to try and break Guardian’s shield but to no avail. Not even the power he drew in from the volcano has helped. “I don’t believe it! He’s holding it!” said Incubus in disbelief. Just then the thunderstorm gives Guardian its assistance by casting down two bolts of lightning, giving him more power. Guardian’s eyes begin to glow as he builds up the extra power given to him. With a ferocious yell, he explodes with power expanding his shield rapidly and decimating Incubus’ Fire Wall. Incubus quickly closes his eyes and brings his arms in front of his face as the bright light from Guardian’s shield of lightning intensifies. The light is so bright and intense that it illuminates nearly half the island. A few moments pass before the light begins to dissipate. Once the light disappears, Incubus lowers his arms and opens his eyes. He looks toward the direction of where Guardian was standing and his jaw drops in disbelief by what he sees.
Guardian is walking towards him engulfed in lightning. His eyes glow an electric blue as he cast a steely gaze towards Incubus. “I…I can’t believe it. He escaped my Fire Wall,” Incubus said in disbelief. His disbelief is quickly replaced with anger and he immediately created a fireball. “But he won’t escape this!!” he shouted. Then he hurls the fireball at Guardian who is still approaching him, and it explodes on impact creating a cloud of dust. Unfortunately the fireball failed to do its job as Guardian continues to walk slowly toward Incubus from behind the veil of dust. Incubus quickly prepares another fireball and launches it at him. Guardian continued on his path as he brings up his lightning shield again and deflects the fireball. Enraged by Guardian’s resistance, Incubus yells furiously and starts launching fireballs in rapid session. The fireballs strike Guardian repeatedly with incredible force as each one explodes on impact creating a huge dust cloud. Incubus keeps up this intensity for a few more moments hoping that this barrage of fireballs will finally defeat his foe. He finishes his onslaught with large fireball that is twice the size of the other ones he fired. The large fireball strikes the dust cloud where Guardian is and erupts in a huge explosion. Incubus’ big fireball dissipates a couple minutes later leaving behind a huge dust cloud. He waits for some sign of Guardian, breathing heavily as a result of putting a lot of power into his large fireball. For the moment, Incubus feels relieved that he may have finally beaten Guardian. Unfortunately, that relief is washed away as the winds blow away the dust cloud to reveal to him an unwelcome sight.
Standing in the remnants of the dust cloud stood Guardian completely unharmed by Incubus’ assault with his lightning shield intact. Incubus immediately loses his composure as he stared wide-eyed and mouth agape in disbelief. “I…it’s not… possible…! Ho…how did he survive?” he said.
Guardian stares Incubus down and says, “Incubus, let’s end this fight.”
Incubus quickly becomes angered and responds, “I don’t know how you survived my attack Guardian, but will make absolutely sure… that this attack finally finishes you!!” He surrounds himself in flames, raises his arms above his head and begins to form a large ball of fire. Guardian cups his hands together and brings them to his side, forming a ball of lightning and feeding his power into it. “This is it Guardian! Let’s see you survive this attack!” Incubus yelled, “Inferno Flare!” Then he brings his outstretched arms down in front of him and unleashes a large pillar of flame at Guardian.
“Thunder Blast!” yells Guardian as he thrust his hands forward and releases a bright column of lightning.
The two beam attacks collide with each other and erupt in a huge ball of lightning and fire. Guardian and Incubus struggle against each other as they put each of their most powerful attacks in a powerful tug of war. Their beams are locked in an energy confrontation that will determine who will be the winner. It appears that Incubus is holding his own until Guardian begins to push his Inferno Flare beam back. Desperate to win, Incubus pours his remaining power into his attack and proceeds to push back Guardian’s Thunder Blast. Guardian holds his ground as he powers up his beam to withstand Incubus’ beam. It would appear that this power struggle is at a standstill until Incubus began to show signs of fatigue as he was still a little weak from his attack against Guardian earlier. “No, I…I can’t give up. I got to defeat him. I will defeat him!” he thought to himself. He pushes himself beyond his limit by gathering all of his remaining strength and fueling his attack with it, giving his Inferno Flare a big boost of power. Incubus’ Inferno Flare pushes hard against Guardian’s beam and nearly pushes it all the way back towards him. Guardian struggles briefly to keep the fire-based beam in place before beginning to draw in power from the thunderstorm. He uses the lightning to power up his attack even higher than Incubus; then he begins to push back the Inferno Flare with oppressing force. Incubus tries desperately to hold back the beam of lightning but it’s no use. He can’t muster up enough strength to stop. He watches in astonishment as Guardian’s overly powerful Thunder Blast burrows through his Inferno Flare and heads toward him. Incubus doesn’t have time to cry out in pain as the lightning beam envelopes him in its bright light.
Guardian ends his attack and waits for any sign of life from Incubus. After a few moments he is able to sense Incubus’ aura but it’s very small. He walks over to where he was and finds Incubus lying on the ground badly injured but still alive. Incubus opens his eyes just enough to see Guardian standing over him. “Aren’t you going to finish it?” he said weakly.
“That’s your way, isn’t it? Defeating your opponent by killing them? Sorry, that’s not my way. I suggest you use whatever power you have left to return to your Dark Realm,” said Guardian.
He turns around and starts to walk away from Incubus when he stops him and asks, “Why?” Guardian stops walking as Incubus continued to speak, “Why did you let up? You had enough power to finish me. Why did you hold back?”
Guardian hesitates for moment before answering, “Because you were right Incubus. Earlier you compared us by our actions and, in some ways, we aren’t so different. You fight out of anger and grief from your family’s death. That’s what drove you to push yourself to the limit against me even though I was much stronger than you. It’s kind of ironic, you actually showed me what I was like from the outside in and as strange as it seems, I should be thanking you. You showed me what could’ve happened to me if I had let my anger get the best of me.” Incubus remained silent as he pondered what to make of Guardian now. Guardian turns toward Incubus and asks, “You don’t have enough power to return to the Dark Realm, do you?”
“Barely…” Incubus said.
Guardian holds out one arm and channels his power to his hand creating a ball of lightning that glowed softly. He guides the ball over to Incubus and his body absorbs it; then he lowers his arm. “I’m probably gonna hate myself in the morning but it’s the least I can do,” He said to himself.
After a few moments Incubus begins to stand up slowly. Once he is on his feet he asks, “What did you do?”
“I gave you some of my own energy. It’s enough to get you back to the Dark Realm so don’t go wasting it on trying to attack me,” said Guardian.
“This changes nothing between us Guardian. I will be back to put you out of my way,” Incubus said.
“I’ll be waiting,” Guardian said smiling. Then Incubus shrouds himself in flames and disappears. The smile on his face drops as Guardian begins to think about what Incubus said about losing his family. He shares his sorrow and anger. The day that his life changed comes back to his mind. He remembers the instantaneous intense heat of explosion, the horror of watching his home go up in flames, the pain he felt of losing his mother. Guardian can’t help but sympathize with Incubus. What’s worse, the Dark Realm is manipulating him into doing their dirty work. Hopefully Incubus will realize that, he thought. “I really do hope you change your ways, Incubus,” he says, as if the Aussie is standing before him.
The thunderstorm that blanketed the island during the fight is beginning to move out to allow the sun to shine down on the island. Feeling relieved that his toughest fight so far is over; Guardian takes to the air and continues on his way to Norway to seek training from the thunder god Thor. Only time will tell when Guardian will have to come face to face with Incubus again; however, he hopes that the next time they meet, it’ll be on better terms.

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