Yu-Gi-Oh X Beyblade!! Chapter 2!!


The kids and Yugi enter the bustling city. Yugi scans the tall buildings and several small businesses. He can’t help but be reminded of Domino City back in his world. It was busy and active with people heading to work or shopping for that much needed item. As he walked along, Yugi sees an arcade full of teens and kids playing games of various kinds. There is even a Beyblade stadium inside, with kids cheering for their favorite blader. He passes by a game shop where Beyblades are sold. Yugi is nearly struck by the door as an excited girl bursts out, cheering happily over her new Beyblade. The father quickly follows his daughter, apologizing to Yugi along the way. Yugi nods with a smile. He recalls his excitement when his grandfather gave him his first deck of Duel Monster cards.
“We’re here!” Azuzu said cheerily.
Yugi looks at the shop and is taken aback at how closely it resembles his grandpa’s game store. He follows the children inside. Beyblade parts lined the walls of the shop. Yugi looks around the shop. She can fix all kinds of beyblades, he thinks. Just like his grandpa can boost anyone’s duel deck with the various cards he has. Azuzu tugs on his arm, smiling brightly as she leads him to the back of the shop. There, he sees a girl with brown short hair wearing a blue short scat, a white t-shirt and in middle of t-shirt there is the name of her shop, B-pit. She is also wearing an orange and pink color coat over her t-shirt. She has a laptop out with a beyblade resting on a pad that is glowing. She taps the keyboard and examines the beyblade carefully. Then she smiles and picks it up. “There. All done,” she says. She opens the drawer below her which has numbered sections and places the beyblade in one of them.
“Hi, Moki!” Azuzu sang like a bell.
Moki looks up from the counter at the group of children. “Oh, hey guys,” she greets them. “What’s up?” Uso and Tatsu grimly approach the counter and show her their broken beys. Moki gasps. “Oh my goodness! What happened?!”
“Taito Katsuya! He broke our beys!” Tatsu cried.
“Can you fix them, Moki?!” asked Uso.
“Well it’s gonna take a bit of work,” the Beyblade repair girl said examining the ruined beys carefully.
“Oh please Moki!” cried Uso.
“You have to!” Tatsu added. They were fearful that Moki will not be able to repair their beys after they were ripped apart by Taito Katsuya.
Seeing the urgency in their eyes, Moki casts an assuring smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll have your beys fixed and better than ever,” she says. The boys hand Moki their bey parts. “That Taito Katsuya, someone needs to teach him a lesson!” she commented spitefully. Remembering that Taito doesn’t return the bey parts he steals, Moki asks Uso and Tatsu how they got their beys back.
“Yugi got ‘em back for them,” Yasha tells her. Moki looks at Yasha wondering who he was talking about. Yasha points to Yugi as he tells her about Yugi beating Taito in a beyblade battle.
“Wow, you beat Taito? You must be pretty good,” Moki said. She had thought that a blader like Ginka or even Masamune would be able to defeat Taito. She is glad to see that is not the case. “Well, I’m glad you stopped him. I’ve been up to my ears in repairs because of that guy.”
“Glad I could help,” said Yugi with a smile. “Oh, Moki, was it? Yasha and the others told me that you can fix my Dark Magician.” He takes his beyblade from the holder and shows her. Moki takes it from him, looks at it closely, and places it on the scanning pad next to her laptop. The specs of the Dark Magician appear on the screen.
“Well a lot of the damage is superficial so it’s easy to repair. It won’t take long. I’ll have the Dark Magician back on stage for another performance soon,” Moki told him.
“Thanks. I appreciate it.”
“No problem. It’s the least I can do. And the name’s Madoka by the way.” Yugi apologizes for the mistake. Madoka assures him it is fine. She also tells him that Azuza, Uso and Tatsu are the ones that gave her the nickname since they had a hard time saying her name. Madoka then goes about repairing his and Uso and Tatsu’s beys.
Yugi watches Madoka. He couldn’t help but be reminded of his childhood friend Anzu Mazaki who was always kind toward others and willing to help them out. Thinking about Anzu makes Yugi more homesick. He wishes she was here with him. He could use one of her pep talks right now. She would tell him that everything is alright and that they will find a way back home. Jonouchi and Hiroto would join in and offer their encouragement as well. Yugi holds out his right hand and looks at it. The friendship symbol Anzu drew on all their hands has faded but they are bonded as friends no matter where they are. Yugi smiles. He knows that his friends are always with him even in this strange world.
“Yugi?” He looks down at Azuzu. “Are you okay? You look sad.”
Yugi smiles warmly. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just thinking about my friends. I’d like to get back to them.”
“Oh. Did they get lost?”
Yugi chuckles lightly and says, “No, we just got separated. But we’ll get back together soon.”
“I’m sure you’ll find them. We’ll help you,” Azuzu said with a cheery smile.
Yugi laughs at the girl’s zeal. “Thanks. I’d like that,” he replies, gently rubbing her head.
The bell above the door to the B-Pit rings. Three people enter the shop. Yugi watches them. One is a very short young boy, who has light green hair, yellow shirt and green shorts. The other is a larger man wearing a red sleeveless jacket, grey shirt and blue hat with a bull pictured on the side of it. The third person has flaming red, spiked hair, and wears a blue headband with his beyblade’s insignia on it. He has a bandage over his nose, and a white scarf. He also has two sets of belt gear around his waist: one contains his beyblade and shooter, while the other contains his shooter grip and beypointer.
“Hey guys!” the flame headed boy said, gesturing to Yasha and Haiji.
“Gingka!” Yasha and Haiji replied in unison.
“Benkei! And Kenta!” Uso and Tatsu said, excited to see them.
“Uso, Tatsu, what are you guys doing here?” asked Kenta. Uso and Tatsu tell them about their run in with Taito Katsuya and how they had their beyblades stolen. They go about how Yugi helped them recover their beys and defeated Taito.
Yugi listened carefully with Azuzu next to him. So he’s Gingka, he says overhearing the name. He wondered if Gingka might be able help him find out about Osiris and why he was sent to this world. Would he have to learn about Beyblade and defeat this world’s champion in order to prove his worth to participate in the final duel? Yami wondered the same. He can sense a strong spirit within Gingka. He feels it in Benkei and Kenta as well. This must be their Bey Spirit that Haiji and Yasha were talking about earlier, Yami thinks. “Yugi, you feel that?” he asks Yugi.
“Yeah, I do,” answers Yugi. “They have really strong spirits.”
“Do you think they can help us?”
“Perhaps, but the first thing is getting them to believe our story,” said Yami.
Yugi agrees. “That’s the hard part. I almost don’t believe it myself but here we are.”

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