Defenders Episode 5: The Fury of Incubus Chapter 4


Guardian looks down as the dust cloud begins to settle. He dealt a devastating blow but he knows someone like Incubus will not let that stop him, especially if Incubus wants to kill him. “I know it’ll take a lot more than that to put this guy down and when he comes back he’ll probably be as mad as a hornet,” he says.
Down on the island’s surface, Incubus stands up slowly and looks up toward Guardian. “That blighter’s gonna pay for this!” he said angrily. Rage swells in him. It manifests into a roaring flame that surrounds him in a column of fire. Then he launches into the air. Fire trailed behind him like the tail of a comet. Incubus stops a few feet in the air from Guardian and stares at him intensely. The hatred in his eyes is the only thing that burned brighter than the flames wrapping his body, distorting the air around him.
“Whew, is it hot up or is it just you?” Guardian said sarcastically while fanning himself with his hand.
Incubus is in no mood for jokes. He intensifies the flames surrounding him as he glowered at Guardian intensely, threatening to burn a hole through him. “Guardian, the time for games is over. It’s time to get serious,” he said firmly, “No more playing around.”
“It’s about time. I was wondering when you were gonna actually fight me for real,” Guardian said with a smirk.
“I’m gonna enjoy knocking that smirk off your face,” said Incubus.
“And here I thought you were going to be boring,” Guardian shot back.
“Then let’s choose an area where we can get started.”
“Sounds good to me; so do you want to stay up here or head down stairs?”
Incubus stares at Guardian with contempt and says, “Down.”
“All right,” said Guardian.
Guardian begins to descend towards the island followed by Incubus. After landing softly on the island’s surface, they stare at each other as they prepare to continue their battle. “So Guardian, now that we’re both on the same level, are you ready…” Incubus said, and then the fire around him intensifies as he raises his power, “…for your demise.”
“Let’s have some fun,” said Guardian, and then he shrouds himself in lightning as he raises his power as well. They take a moment to size each other up, pushing their powers to maximum. Digging his feet into the ground, Guardian launches himself at Incubus, who waits for him as he approaches with a raised fist. Incubus blocks the incoming strike. Then they engage in a series of high speed punches, kicks and counterattacks. Their movements become a mere blur as the two powerful fighters attack each other with incredible intensity. They keep up their intense fighting for a few moments more until Incubus goes for a kick to Guardian’s ribs but his attack is blocked and Guardian punches him hard in his thigh and follows up with an uppercut to his chin, knocking him backwards. Then he leaps into the air and delivers a powerful spinning back-kick to his chest, sending Incubus sliding backward across the ground a few feet while he was still standing. Incubus shakes off Guardian’s attack and rushes toward him. He throws a punch but it is blocked along with three more punches and two uppercuts. Then he tries for a standing roundhouse kick to his head but Guardian grabs his leg just before it hits him, spins him around by his leg and hurls him toward a large tree. Guardian teleports behind Incubus’ flying body, flips kicks him high into the air and quickly disappears. He reappears above Incubus and punches him hard in his back sending him back down towards the ground. Guardian teleports to the ground and delivers a crushing overhead crescent kick, propelling him into the forest. As he is flying uncontrollably through the trees, Incubus flips backward and plants his feet firmly into the ground, reducing his speed and eventually stopping. Then he jumps up into a tree and lands on a high branch.
“Alright, Guardian let’s see how you like having your own tactic used against you,” he said angrily. He holds out his hands to either side of him and creates two fireballs; then he sends the fireballs speeding through the trees just as Guardian did with his Lightning Spheres. “This little trick worked for you so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work for me,” Incubus said with a cunning smile.
“Now that sounds like a great idea.” Guardian’s voice came from behind him. Surprised, Incubus turns his head slightly to see that Guardian was standing on the branch behind him; he becomes angry as he stared at him with fury in his eyes. Suddenly he quickly turns around and fires his Inferno Flare blast at him, but Guardian quickly disappears just before the blast hits him and reappears right beside Incubus; then he hits him with a backward thrust kick knocking him off the branch. Incubus crashes through two trees and slams into a third one and falls toward the ground, hitting and snapping several branches along the way before slamming his back hard on the ground. He is slow to stand up as Guardian descends slowly towards the ground and lands softly. Once he is to his feet, Incubus looks at him for a moment while he catches his breath.
“I had it planned out; it was supposed to work.” Incubus said with slight disappointment, “Just how did you know where I was. There was no way you could’ve seen me through the trees.”
“I didn’t have to look through the trees to find you. All I had to do was sense your aura.”
“My aura; what are you talkin’ about?”
“I can’t quite explain it but somehow I’m able to feel a person’s presence by sensing their aura, and that’s how I found you.”
“Well in that case…I’ll give you something else to feel!” Incubus said in anger. He lunges at him but Guardian sidesteps the punch and knees Incubus hard in his chest and quickly hits him with a hard right, sending him flying through the air out of the forest and into another clearing with a large mountain stretching across it. Incubus bounces twice across the ground before coming to rest at the mountain’s base. Guardian appears in a flash of lightning near Incubus as he struggles to his feet.
“This fight is over, Incubus. I’m going to give you a chance to redeem yourself. You can either return to the Dark Realm or you can stay here and figure out who really killed your family. The choice is yours,” said Guardian. Incubus remains silent for a couple moments; then he starts to chuckle. “Apparently for some reason you find my proposal humorous. So why don’t you tell me exactly what it is that you find funny,” said Guardian.
“Tell me something, Guardian. Your ability to sense my aura; does it also allow you to tell how strong I am,” Incubus said, and then he stands to his full height with a sly smile on his face.
“As a matter of fact, it does. That’s how I was able to tell exactly what I was up against.
“Heh, so what does your ability tell you now about my aura?” Incubus said arrogantly.
Guardian is taken aback by the question. Why did he ask that, he wondered. Is there something Incubus is hiding? Curious, he feels Incubus’ aura. It is at this moment that Guardian realized to awful truth. He can explain it. Thinking he may have made a mistake, he tries again. There is no doubt. Somehow, after the devastating attacks Guardian delivered, Incubus aura has not gotten any weaker. Worse, his aura seems to be growing. “Wha…? That can’t be! But how…!” said Guardian.
“Did you figure it out yet?” asked Incubus.
“I can’t explain it but somehow your aura is still the same. After several powerful attacks like the ones I gave you, you should be at only half power,” Guardian said displeased.
“You’re right; after those attacks I should be nearly out of power but I’m not. Now how do you suppose that happened?” Incubus said snidely as he crossed his arms.
“My guess is that you hid most of your power.”
“Good guess; but no that’s not it,” said Incubus, “I’m feeling a little generous so I’ll give you a clue. Is it hot in here or is it just me?”
What the heck does he mean by that, Guardian thought to himself. He ponders Incubus’ statement for little bit longer before he realizes exactly what he meant. “Wait a minute,” he says, keeping his voice low. He looks back at the forest. It is the first time he truly notices how lush the trees are. Guardian then looks at his arms. Just standing still, he sees the perspiration coating his skin. Scanning the area that they are in now, he sees nothing but dirt and rock, yet this is not what catches his attention. The surface of the ground looks dull, ash like in color plus it is warped as if something once run through here like a river. Glancing back at the mountain, it is then that the meaning behind Incubus’ words becomes more potent to Guardian.
“Judging by the look on your face I think you just figured it out.”
“Yeah, I did. You can absorb heat energy, can’t you? That’s why you chose this island because of its warm climate. You can just absorb whatever amount of energy you lose during our fight.”
“Oh, it’s much better than that. Can’t you feel it, Guardian? The air around you, the ground beneath your feet; I can draw energy from all of it just as long as it’s nice and toasty. You see, Guardian, on this island I have an unlimited power source! And this fight is far from over!” Incubus said, and then he surrounds himself in fire and starts raising his power.
“I don’t care how much power you draw in, Incubus. I will defeat you!” declares Guardian, and he shrouds himself in lightning and begins raising his power as well.

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