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FIRST LOOK at Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gameplay!

Truly, Nintendo is flexing their muscles and showing what they can do when it comes to making a Legend of Zelda game! This is perhaps one the best looking and beautifully rendered title in Zelda’s 30 year history!  1,450 total views,  4 views today

 1,450 total views,  4 views today

The Legend of Zelda Philly Show DISCOUNT TICKETS!!

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses is having a sale for their performance in Philadelphia at the Mann Music Center on Sunday, September 25th 2016. You’d be a fool not to jump on this!!! Go to http://zelda-symphony.com to get your tickets!! 5% off the purchase of 2 tickets w/ code: ZELDAJULY 10% off the purchase …

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Vans releases new Nintendo inspired line!!

Video game giant Nintendo teams up with Vans to launch a line of clothing and apparel for gamers! Featuring familiar characters such as Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., and Duck Hunt, the sneakers come in an array of styles that take you back to the days of your youth with classic 8-bit designs! The sneakers …

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Time Warp Review!! The Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary!! Pt.1!

A little over thirty years ago, Nintendo single-handedly rescued the console gaming market from the brink with its action title Super Mario Bros. which became an instant hit. Creator Shigeru Miyamoto, along with Takashi Tezuka, wanted to take the idea of a game “world” even further, giving players a “miniature garden that they can put …

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Join the Adventure!! Zelda meets Metal!!

The popular RPG adventure title gets the shredder treatment!! Don’t go out there alone. Listen to METAL!!  1,304 total views,  2 views today

 1,304 total views,  2 views today

Volume III from Dj CUTMAN is here!!!

Dj CUTMAN is back with a new album, titled Volume III. The album is a collection of his best work from 2012 – 2015, each track merticulously reworked and remastered, from games like Animal Crossing, Bravely Default, Mario, Zelda, Shovel Knight and more. The album is available on Dj CUTMAN’s bandcamp page, where you can download it …

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Netflix And Nintendo Teaming Up To Create Live-Action “Legend Of Zelda” Series?!

So this is not a joke. Earlier today, The Wall Street Journal reported that Nintendo and Netflix are working on a live-action series for the Legend Of Zelda series. At the moment, the series is in the early stages of development so no details about casting have been released. Netflix is describing the series as …

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Ganondorf In Hyrule Warriors – The Brand Spankin’ Newest Trailer

We can’t embed the video here, but after the trailer shown during E3, about one hour ago (2:00) pm, a newer and more breathtaking trailer was posted by nintendo at this link here: http://e3.nintendo.com/games/wiiu/hyrule-warriors/  5,324 total views

 5,324 total views

Hyrule Warriors ft Midna, Impa & Zelda!

This is made extra awesome because you’ll be able to play in 2 Player mode with one player using the TV and the other on the game pad. Check out the video!  7,900 total views,  2 views today

 7,900 total views,  2 views today

New Super Smash Bros Item Really Blows

Somewhere between this morning and last night, Sakurai made a new post in the Miiverse about a new item to appear in Super Smash Bros 4.  3,148 total views

 3,148 total views