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Join the Adventure!! Zelda meets Metal!!

The popular RPG adventure title gets the shredder treatment!! Don’t go out there alone. Listen to METAL!!

Journey back into the Labyrinth!!

Many of us born in the era of sport coats and sunglasses likely remember the film “Labyrinth” starring David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King who kidnaps the infant brother of Sarah, portrayed by Jennifer Connelly. We also remember that it was a total flop that tarnished Jim Henson’s career in film and he never …

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Deadpool Meets Metal!! 331 Erock does it again!!

Eric Calderone, aka 331Erock, has done it again! This time he puts the Merc With the Mouth to the shred as he rips the theme to the Deadpool game up!! Tell all old people to leave the room and crank it up!! Also, Eric is a big fan (he says)!