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It’s morphin’ time!! Power Rangers meets Metal!!

With the new Power Rangers film now out in theatres, Eric Calderone aka Erock has decided to tackle the Power Rangers theme song and morph it in to drum-pounding, guitar- shredding beauty! Johnathan Young and Anthony Vincent provide the awesome vocals. So crank it to 11 and ROCK OUT!!  1,566 total views

 1,566 total views

THK spells DOOM!!

Teamheadkick cracks out another hit!! Gear up and grab the guns for the heavy hitting lyrics about the reinvented FPS originator, DOOM!! Crank it up to 11 and happy gaming!!  992 total views

 992 total views

It’s a double shot of Overwatch!!

Blizzard Entertainment’s action shooter Overwatch has quickly become the hottest game to play. Get ready for an auditory overload courtesy of Eric Calderone aka 331Erock, who shreds up the theme music and J.T. Machinimia, who pits the game’s favorite female gunner Tracer in a rap battle against her fellow Scout! Overwatch meets metal! Tracer vs …

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 1,300 total views

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air meets Metal!!

Erock brings back the 90’s nostalgia with a rocking rendition of the title song to Will Smith’s series “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Now crank it to eleven and ROCK OUT!!  1,112 total views

 1,112 total views

Fifth Element meets Metal!!

Grab your ‘mootipass’!! It’s time for another amazing performance from Eric Calderone aka Erock!! Listen as he shreds it up with the Diva Dance!!  1,028 total views

 1,028 total views

Halloween meets Metal!!

Hello boils and ghouls!! Get ready for a spine tingling take on the classic theme for Halloween!! Listen as Eric Calderone aka Erock slashes the slasher with his hauntingly terrifying riffs and deadly hammer…..on, that is!! YAHAHAHA!! So turn it to eleven and ROCK until you drop… dead!! YAHAHAHAHA!!  3,266 total views

 3,266 total views

Classical Metal!! Erock shreds up Moonlight Sonata!!

Even Beethoven cannot close his ears to this awesomely sick twist to a classic piece!! Watch as his fingers furiously strum the frets with hammer ons and pull offs a-plenty!! Crank it to 11 and ROCK ON!! Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/331erock Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eric-C… Twitter: https://twitter.com/331EROCK Instagram: 331erock MP3, Tab Books, and Album: www.metalyze.com Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7e2Y9…  1,628 total views

 1,628 total views

Gargoyles go from stone to Metal!!

Erock aka Eric Calderone takes the classic 90’s cartoon theme and runs it through the shredder!! Guitar shedder that is! Crack it to 11 and ROCK OUT!!  1,336 total views

 1,336 total views

Erock kills it with Hitman Meet Metal!!

Agents 47 gets metalized by Eric Calderone aka Erock!! Check out as Eric shreds the themes of the Hitman games and movie more than 47 does his targets!! Turn it to 11 and ROCK OUT!!  1,528 total views

 1,528 total views

Deadpool Meets Metal!! 331 Erock does it again!!

Eric Calderone, aka 331Erock, has done it again! This time he puts the Merc With the Mouth to the shred as he rips the theme to the Deadpool game up!! Tell all old people to leave the room and crank it up!! Also, Eric is a big fan (he says)!  2,052 total views

 2,052 total views