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Take flight with Gargoyles in “Awesome Cartoons!!”

Gargoyles are creatures of myth. We see them perched atop of churches, cathedrals and other old world buildings. Some tales depicted them as representatives of the demonic. Other folklores saw them as protectors used to ward off evil spirits. There are even tales of them coming to life after sunset to take flight into the …

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Gargoyles go from stone to Metal!!

Erock aka Eric Calderone takes the classic 90’s cartoon theme and runs it through the shredder!! Guitar shedder that is! Crack it to 11 and ROCK OUT!!  1,198 total views

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Goliath vs. Beast in Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

The claws are out and the teeth are bared!! Goliath, the leader of the Gargoyles, goes tooth and nail with the X-Men’s blue furred scientist Henry McCoy aka the Beast!! Who will win in this fast and furious clash?! Check out the video and enjoy the DEATH BATTLE!!!  1,308 total views

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Goliath glides into Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

Goliath, the powerful Gargoyle leader, has fought against some deadly enemies in 996 Scotland and in 1996 New York City, using his strength and cunning. But will he be able to match wits with the blue furred Beast?!  1,618 total views

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