Yu-Gi-Oh X BeyBlade Chapter 8: Gingka vs Kobal Pt.1!!

Gingka steps up to the stadium to meet Kobal. Kobal’s attire is rather unusual. Her dress resembled mummy wrappings and she had wrappings on her arms and lower legs. There is more wrapping around her head with a couple straps hanging lazily on her face. Her bangs covered a majority of her face except for her right eye. Even through this, Gingka can see the stoic look on her face. But that doesn’t bother him. He smiles big, grabs his launcher and locks Pegasus into place.

“Alright! Let’s do this!” he says.

“Whatever,” Kobal responds plainly, locking her bey, Jade Cobra, into her launcher.

Gingka begins the countdown. Kobal launches her Beyblade before he finishes which surprises Gingka. Pulling the rip cord, he sends Galaxy Pegasus into the stadium.

Kobal looks at Ginkga with a relaxed expression and then sighs. “Let’s just get this over with,” she said dispassionately, scratching her head.

“Wow, she’s not really into it,” Gingka says to himself. Then his zealous grin stretches across his face. “Alright, let’s see if this gets you motivated,” he says. With a swipe of his arm, Galaxy Pegasus charges forward. At the last second, Jade Cobra dodges the attack. Gingka has Pegasus circle around for another strike. Again, Kobal has her bey avoid contact. Undeterred, Galaxy Pegasus rushes right back in. Another miss. Gingka starts to become bothered after Jade Cobra dodges yet another attack from his bey. He has Pegasus charge again, more speed this time. Another artful dodge by Jade Cobra. Gingka is usually happy and go-lucky. There are few things that can upset him easily. One is harming his friends. The other is a dispassionate blader. Ginkga loves Beyblade and loves it even more when facing strong opponents who have strong Bey Spirits. For him to face an opponent whose heart isn’t into it, it’s almost toxic to him. He wouldn’t mind the dodging of his attacks if they had conviction behind them. Looking at Kobal, he sees that she can truly care less about the battle or Beyblade. Ginkga has Galaxy Pegasus hold its position. “You’re not really into to this, are you?” he says to Kobal.

Kobal looks at him calmly.

“I mean, where’s your Bey Spirit?” Gingka says.

Kobal sighs with her hand on her forehead. “You’re one of those Bladers,” she says with a groan. “Let me save you the trouble. Don’t bother me with some pretty little speech about Bey Spirit or how fun Beyblade is, okay. I only Beyblade to cure my boredom.”

“What? Seriously!?”

“Look, Beyblade is a just hobby to me, that’s all,” Kobal says stoically. “So, you can stow it. Let’s just get this over with. I Beyblade to cure my boredom but I also find Beyblade itself to be boring.”

Gingka smiles. If Kobal isn’t excited about Beyblade, he’ll get her to see how exciting it is. “Beyblade boring? Never heard that before. I think the problem is you haven’t found someone who can give you a good battle. Well then, I’m gonna give you the battle of your life. You ready, Kobal?” he says with a big grin.

Kobal rolls her eyes and shakes her head pitifully. “Whatever,” she says with a dry tone.

“Alright, here we go! Pegasus!” says Gingka. Galaxy Pegasus takes off circling the stadium before it charges forward. Jade Cobra dodges the incoming strike. Pegasus circles again and bursts forward. Again, its attack is evaded. Once more, the blue bey attacks. Jade Cobra shoots to the side again. However, just as it does, Pegasus suddenly changes course, slamming into Kobal’s bey. Jade Cobra breaks away. Pegasus chases after it, alters its trajectory and slams into Jade Cobra again when it tried to dodge another time. Gingka has figured out Jade Cobra’s pattern and is capitalizing on it. He has his bey pursue Jade Cobra around the stadium, commanding it to change course at the last second to land a clean strike and prevent the serpent bey from evading.

“Amazing!” Madoka says. “Galaxy Pegasus is keeping up with Jade Cobra.”

“Yeah, looks like Gingka figured out its evasion pattern,” Anzu added.

Where the girls were excited, the boys are more excited.

“Aw yeah! Way to go, Gingka!” Jonouchi yelled.

“That right, Gingka! Bash that snake!” bellows Benkei. Then, together he and Jonouchi yell his signature ‘bull’ battle cry, which quickly annoys almost everyone.

“Oh man, is he always like this?” Honda said to Kenta about Benkei.

“You get used to it,” Kenta replied with a nervous chuckle.

Jade Cobra is struck again after another attempt to evade Galaxy Pegasus. Kobal reacts for the first time. She is not used to someone deciphering her evasion pattern and countering. She has her bey dodge another and then take off around the stadium before taking another strike. Alas, this proves futile as Galaxy Pegasus catches up to and slams into Jade Cobra. The two beys lock together with Pegasus pushing Jade Cobra towards the edge of the ring. Kobal looks on in shock. No one has ever back her into a corner like this.

“Yeah, Gingky! Push her out!” Yu cheered.

“That’s it! Stay firm, Gingka!” said Yami.

From within the Millennium Puzzle, Yugi continues to watch the battle. “If Gingka wins this, we’ll be one step closer to getting our friends back,” he says.

Galaxy Pegasus pushes Jade Cobra ever closer to the edge. Sparks fly from their fusion wheels as they race around the stadium. Kobal shows visible concern. Her bey is dangerously close to the edge. If she doesn’t do something, she will lose on a ring out. Then, suddenly, she smiles.

“Well, looks like you’re finally getting into it,” Gingka says. “Beyblade isn’t so boring now, is it?”

“I still consider Beyblade boring but that was only because I haven’t someone who can excite me,” said Kobal. She widens her grin and adds, “You’ve made things interesting Gingka Hagane. I expected no less from the Battle Bladers champion. So that’s why I’m going to take my time with you and savor this battle.” Sneering, Kobal snaps her fingers. Jade Cobra strikes quickly against Galaxy Pegasus and shoots ahead of it to return to center of the stadium. Gingka had his bey charge after Jade Cobra. Just as it gets close, Jade Cobra suddenly vanishes. Before Galaxy Pegasus can recover, it is struck hard on the opposite side by Kobal’s bey, which vanishes again and delivers another blinding quick strike to Pegasus. Jade Cobra reappears in the middle of the stadium.

“What the…?” Gingka is stunned. He hadn’t expected Kobal’s bey to move that swiftly. He thought he had Jade Cobra up against the ropes but that is no longer the case.

“How…How did she do that?!” Yu said, also in shock.

“Apparently, there’s more to Kobal than what she has shown us,” Yami replied. Then he says to Gingka, “Gingka, be on your guard! Kobal has yet to show her full strength!”

“Hasn’t shown her full strength?” Gingka said, looking at Yami perplexed.

“The Pharaoh has given you good advice. I’d adhere to it if I were you,” Kobal says with a wicked sneer drawn across her face.

Gingka responds with a cheery grin.

“Something amusing, Gingka Hagane?” said Kobal.

“I was just thinking about earlier,” answers Gingka. “Remember when I said that you haven’t found someone to really challenge you and that’s why you think Beyblade is boring?”

“Your point?”

“Well, you just said that I made things interesting for you, right? So now we can have a real battle!”

Kobal laughs in her throat. “You certainly are tenacious. And annoying. Very well, I don’t want to drag this any further than I want to, so the gloves are off.” She then calls out to her bey which responds with a flash of its face bolt. “My serpent shall now feast!” she said with a hiss.

Kobal’s new sinister demeanor takes Gingka back to a battle he fought against another blader who seethed with a similar dark aura that Kobal is emitting. Reiji Mizuchi was a member of the Dark Nebula Organization who thrived on his opponents’ fear. He was not content with winning a battle and would destroy his opponents’ beys just for fun. Gingka encountered Reiji in the semifinals of the Battle Bladers Tournament. Reiji had previously battled Kenta and his childhood friend Hyoma and completely destroyed their beys, an act that drove Hyoma deep into despair. Unlike those he faced before, Reiji could not make Gingka feel that fear he thrived on so much. Gingka showed Reiji that he can rise above despair with hope. He will do the same with Kobal. “That’s the spirit! Now you’re gettin’ fired up!” he says wearing a big grin.

“I wouldn’t get too excited, Gingka Hagane. My cobra will devour your precious Pegasus,” said Kobal.

Gingka, undeterred, says back, “Sorry but your cobra is going hungry today!”

“We’ll see about that,” sneers Kobal. “Jade Cobra!” The snake themed bey responds with a flash of its face bolt. The cobra spirit inside the bey manifests and spreads its magnificent hood wide. Kobal casts a wicked sneer. “Special Move! Serpent’s Tongue!” Jade Cobra suddenly takes off, zipping around the stadium with incredible speed. Galaxy Pegasus is struck several times in rapid session before Jade Cobra returns to the center. Gritting his teeth, Gingka could do nothing against the rapid onslaught. Kobal laughs. Again, she has Jade Cobra perform its special move, striking Galaxy Pegasus repeatedly. Gingka attempted to have his evade the move but Pegasus could not get away. Now that Kobal has shown her prowess as a blader, Gingka is backed against a wall. Any attempt he makes to avoid Jade Cobra’s quick striking attack is thwarted and Pegasus takes more damage. If he doesn’t find a solution to turn the battle around, he will lose.

“This isn’t good, Pegasus is taking a lot of damage,” says Madoka.

“What’s going on, Madoka?” asked Anzu.

“Jade Cobra has increased its speed and rotation. It’s moving too fast for Pegasus to keep up,” Madoka tells everyone. “If Pegasus keeps taking these rapid-fire attacks…”

“It’ll have its wings clipped,” says Jonouchi.

“Can’t Gingka do something, Madoka?” Kenta asked worriedly.

Madoka checks the data she gathered. “According to this, there isn’t much he can do. Because of Jade Cobra’s super smooth performance tip, it can move faster than Pegasus. Unless Gingka can so how stop Jade Cobra’s quick strikes, I fear the worse.”

“Argh! There’s gotta be something he can do!” Benkei says frustrated.

Jonouchi thinks for a moment. There is something he recalls in his mind that he noticed before. “Hey Madoka, you can record data, right? Can you also record the battles?” he asks her. Madoka replies with a nod. “Can you go back a bit? I think I saw something.”

“Wha’cha got, man?” Honda says.

“A hunch.” Jonouchi watches as Madoka rewinds back through the footage. He stops her at a specified point. Madoka plays the recording with everyone watching carefully. It is then that Jonouchi notices something. “There! See that?” he says.

“Okay, it stopped for moment. So what?” replies Honda.

“Yeah, I don’t get it either,” added Benkei.

“I think I do. Madoka, can you play that again?” says Kenta. Madoka rewinds and plays the footage of the latest exchange between Gingka and Kobal’s bey again. They notice that Jade Cobra stopped briefly after attacking Galaxy Pegasus. “That’s what Jonouchi is talking about. Jade Cobra stopped after attack Pegasus before it attacked again,” Kenta said.

“Hang on, you’re saying that Jade Cobra has to rest a bit before going after Pegasus again?” Honda wondered.

“That would explain why the attacks happen in bursts rather than continuously,” Madoka pointed out.

“If that’s so then what’s the time in between each attack?” Anzu wonders.

Little did anyone know, Jonouchi already has the answer. “A couple seconds,” he says.

“A couple seconds. Are you sure?” asks Anzu.

“Yeah, I started countin’ after the first few times. There’s about a two second gap whenever that snake bey goes after Pegasus. Dat’s about the all the time Gingka has if he wants to counterattack,” Jonouchi replies.

Benkei growls angrily. “If there was only some way to tell him, but we’re stuck in here instead.”

“Man, this stinks! Our buds are out there needing our help and we can’t do anything about it!” Honda says in frustration.

“Yeah, I feel that same way. But if Gingka is as at Beyblade as Yugi is at Duel Monsters then this oughtta be a cinch for ‘em,” says Jonouchi.

“Jonouchi’s right. We have to believe that Gingka, Yu and Yugi will beat Osiris servants and get us out of here,” Kenta adds.

“Yeah, you’re right. Sorry about that,” Honda says, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head.

“Same here,” said Benkei.

“Well, in the meantime, we just have to be patient and hope for the best,” says Anzu.

Everyone nods in agreement. They return their attention to the current battle. Gingka continues to hold out against Kobal’s barrage attacks. He has Pegasus charge in for a counterattack after withstanding another strike from Jade Cobra. Jade Cobra dodges at the last second and pummels Galaxy Pegasus before returning to the center of the stadium. Galaxy Pegasus is beginning to wobble. Jade Cobra’s attacks are starting to wear it down. Gingka knows he has to do something, or his bey will lose. He looks over his shoulder at his friends trapped inside the barrier. He can’t lose. He has to win and save them. Gingka turns back around with a determined chin. Kobal is a tough blader. But he has battled against tougher bladers.

Yami, and Yugi from within the Millennium Puzzle, watch Gingka’s battle. Kobal is a strong opponent. She has backed Gingka up but, in the short time since meeting him, they know he can prevail if he can get past Jade Cobra’s quick burst attacks. “This doesn’t look good. If Ginkga takes any more of those attacks, it’ll be all over and we’ll lose another team member,” Yugi says, expressing concern.

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