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Fairy Tale, Darker Than Black VA to voice Uncle Qrow in RWBY Volume 7!!

RWBY director Kerry Shawcross revealed today the new actor who will portraying Qrow Branwen following the departure of Vic Mignogna earlier this year. Jason Liebrecht will be replacing Mignogna as the new voice behind Ruby and Yang’s beloved alcoholic uncle. Liebrecht’s best known roles include Lavi and the Millennium Earl in the D.Gray-man series, Syaoran …

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Welcome to the Pride!! RWBY Volume 6 Ep.12 Review!!

Jaune: “You, uh, probably shouldn’t read this. You know, spoilers. You don’t wan to ruin. So watch the episode and then, come back. I guess. Heh-heh.” Ruby Rose continues to come into her own as a capable leader. This season has shown her taking charge in several situations and making decisive decisions. She got the …

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United we stand!! RWBY Volume 6 Ep.11 Review!!

Ren: “You know, you should probably watch the episode first before reading this.” Well, now we’re getting back to some good old-fashioned fighting. The first part of Volume 6 was spent dealing with everyone’s personal issues following to big reveal in the second episode. With renewed determination, Team RWBY, Team JNPR, Maria Calavera and Qrow …

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From Dark Shadows!! RWBY Volume 6 Ep.10 Review!!

Caroline Cordovin: “If you so much as even DARE to read this without watching the episode first, I will show the true might of the Atlas Military!!” All seemed well once it was learned Oscar had not gone missing. In fact, he seems to be beginning to accept his role as yet another vessel for …

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A New Hope!! RWBY Volume 6 Ep. 9 Review!!

Nora: “HEY!! HEEEY!! SPOILERS, WATCH OUT FOR THEM!! HEY, are you listening?!” RWBY continues to take a break from the action to focus on getting to know more about our favorite characters and their personal struggles. It is to have these episodes where the focus is placed on certain characters and we get to know …

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In my Darkest Hour! RWBY Volume 6 Ep. 8 Review!!

Maria Calavera: “If I have to explain it than what’s the point. But anyway, you should not read this unless you watched the episode.” The true test of everyone’s amenity happens in this week’s episode of RWBY Volume 6. Team RWBY approach the military base to find a way to get to Atlas and find …

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Official RWBY anthology manga coming this Spring!!

Everyone favorite huntresses-in-training from Beacon Academy are getting personalized manga to tell their stories. Each volume of this four part series will focus on each member of Team RWBY. The stories are written by various artists so any fan of Monty Ohm’s popular web series can expect some interesting takes on their favorite characters. This …

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Tifa brings the pain to Yang in Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

Get ready for one heck of a cat fight!! Tifa Lockhart, member of AVALANCHE and super strong ninja chick from Final Fantasy VII, knuckles up to take on Yang Xiao Long, the hot-headed golden haired maiden of Team RWBY!! Who’s the baddest beauty?! Find out in a DEATH BATTLE!!

Hot-headed Yang Xiao Long enters Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

Half sister to RWBY’s Ruby, Yang is known for wielding rep guns and having one heck of a temper! One attribute is that she gets stronger each time she is hit! And the his will defiantly come when Yang tangles with Final Fantasy VII sexy ninja babe Tifa Lockhart!!