From Dark Shadows!! RWBY Volume 6 Ep.10 Review!!

Caroline Cordovin: “If you so much as even DARE to read this without watching the episode first, I will show the true might of the Atlas Military!!”

Weiss manages to use her status to get into the Atlas military base to steal a jet.

All seemed well once it was learned Oscar had not gone missing. In fact, he seems to be beginning to accept his role as yet another vessel for Ozpin by buying new combat gear. Something during his falling out with Jaune must have sparked something in Oscar to start accepting his inevitable fate. He certainly does not want to be a burden on everyone and decides to make himself useful while he still has his own consciousness. Just sometime ago, he was just a boy living the ordinary life on a farm and now he has this huge responsibility thrust on his shoulders that is likely making him realize that the world is far bigger than he imagined and that he has to put his personal feelings aside for the greater good.

Despite expressing his apprehensions last episode, Qrow Branwen ended up helping the kids with Jaune’s plan to steal an Atlas jet. He knows the plan will go awry in some way and holds himself responsible when it does due to his Misfortune Semblance. It is rare, but we get to see Qrow show the feelings that he has been keeping a tight lid on. He even blamed himself for the times that Ozpin’s plans involving him have either gone wrong or ended up being difficult to complete where they should have been relatively easy. He even blames himself and Ozpin for screwing up the world. This could suggest that they have had a previous run in with Salem. Thankfully Ruby pulls him back from despair and tries to keep the hope in him alive. Even Qrow is starting to notice how mature his niece seems now since Beacon Academy fell.

While the plan goes through on Ruby and Weiss’ end, Yang and Blake are tasked with taking out the radio tower to keep the airship hidden from Atlas radar. There, Blake encounters Adam Taurus, the former leader of the White Fang who attacked Beacon Academy along with his followers under Cinder’s orders. Obsessed with Blake’s suffering, Adam follows her as she travels with her friends and strikes once she is alone at the radio tower. Blake is shocked to see him knowing how dangerous he is. She fights alone against Adam to likely keep him from Yang who lost her arm that was severed by Adam. Yang has shown signs of trauma and possible PTSD, such as hand tremors and nightmares of that awful day. She has even had visions of Adam during her waking moments. When the group was at the Brunswick farms, Yang seemed the most anxious after seeing the Apathy Grimm and even more so once they manage to escape the desolate town. Blake knows that Yang is still bothered by what happened and she will do whatever it takes to keep Adam from making her friend suffer even more. But how long will it be until Yang meets Adam again and more importantly, what will she do and will she be able to do it?

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