Dragon Ball Super: Broly surpassess 3 billion yen in less than a month!!

The might of Saiyan Race continues to reign supreme! Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the anime movie written by creator Akira Toriyama that follows the events of the Dragon Ball Super TV anime, is showing its legendary might at the Japanese box office. Since its premiere on December 14, the film has made 3.3 billion yen in 24 days. In the first six days of release, it sold more than a million tickets. Currently, the film has reached 2.6 million in ticket sales. Broly is set to surpass Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ as the highest grossing film in the franchise. Resurrection ‘F’ grossed 3.47 billion yen in 2015.

The film also started screening in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore on December 27, 2018, and in Brazil
on January 3, 2019. It ranked in top 10 in all the countries surpassing the first weekend box office record
of Resurrection ‘F. Especially in Malaysia and Brazil, it broke the highest opening record for a Japanese
animation film in history.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly will premiere in North America and Canada on January 16 and will run to January 24. Check your local theater for dates and showtimes.

You can get your tickets at Fandango.com