A New Hope!! RWBY Volume 6 Ep. 9 Review!!

Nora: “HEY!! HEEEY!! SPOILERS, WATCH OUT FOR THEM!! HEY, are you listening?!”

While searching for Oscar, Jaune comes across Pyrrha’s memorial in Argus

RWBY continues to take a break from the action to focus on getting to know more about our favorite characters and their personal struggles. It is to have these episodes where the focus is placed on certain characters and we get to know them a little more intimately rather than their quest. Oscar has vanished following the falling out he and Jaune had, leaving Jaune once again filled with remorse and self-pity for his actions. There is no doubt that he is still mourning Pyrrha and feels responsible in some way for not being able to protect her. While on the search for Oscar, Jaune comes across her statue erected in her memory. His pain rises to the surface as he reflects on his memories of her. Seeing someone at a memorial is not unusual. A woman walks up next to him who bears the same striking red hair and bright green eyes as Pyrrha. Her clothing even resembled Pyrrha’s outfit. These traits signify that she could be related to Pyrrha, possible mother since she told a detailed portion of her story and how she was loved at Minstrel Academy and in Argus. The story inspires Jaune to move on. Ren and Nora find him, and they look upon their fallen friend, coming to realize that she is always with them and they all seemingly accept her passing and what she left behind. This is a surreal moment as they speak their true feelings about Pyrrha and how they will continue forward in her honor.

Having lost faith in Ozpin and hope for the world, Qrow tells everyone to do the same.

On the other side of the spectrum, Qrow’s alcoholism is getting the better of him and driving a huge wedge between his nieces and their friends. Ever since he felt betrayed by Ozpin, he has been drinking away his frustrations which only got worse when they were denied access to Atlas because Atlas closed its borders. Not only has his faith in his one-time friend been crushed, his spirit has also suffered. Qrow seems to have abandoned all hope and would rather wait for the inevitable than stand and fight. This frustrates Ruby to no end since she looked up to her uncle and saw the best on him where no one else could. Ruby has always been super nice and very outgoing even in the darkest of times. But even the nicest girls have their breaking point and Ruby has reached hers with Qrow by letting him have it when he tells them all to quit trying to get to Atlas and finding a way to stop Salem. Yet another impressive stand up moment for Ruby Rose who seems to be taking the role of leadership since Ozpin has placed himself in a self-induced hiatus within Oscar. This illustrates Ruby’s maturity over the course of the past three season. She has gone from that girl who was fascinated with new weapons and loves cookies to a more mature woman (who loves weapons and cookies).

Emerald questions her position now that Cinder has left.

Cinder’s departure has left Mercury and Emerald wonder their next move. Mercury is ready to embrace the life of a mercenary, revealing that his father raised him to be an assassin which led Mercury to kill his old man. Emerald, on the other hand, may be starting waver from that path. She questions Mercury about his reasons for joining her and Cinder and working for Salem. Her uncertainty can be taken as a sign that she may stray from Salem either in search of reuniting with Cinder or finding a new path to follow.