Goblin Slayer is coming back!!

In case you’re wondering whether the 12-episode anime adaption of Goblin Slayer is finished, fear not. The recently aired twelfth episode made a very clear statement at the end of the episode – “Goblin Slayer will return.” This can be taken as threat or a promise depending on whether you are a goblin or a human. Regardless, the Beard Cutter’s adventures have not come to their conclusion. After managing to rally the adventurers to aid him in defending the village from an impending goblin attack, Goblin Slayer decides to try being an adventurer, making the choice to expand his skills beyond merely hunting goblins.

So expect more from the anime adaption based on Kumo Kagyu’s light novels and stayed tuned for more Goblin Slayer.

Plot: An optimistic young priestess joins the adventurer’s guild where she parties up with three hotshot newbies who’ve taken a contract to destroy a goblin nest. But her quest goes awry in an instant when her team is brutally ambushed inside their lair. Wounded and in shock, she’s rescued by a high-ranking adventurer known as Goblin Slayer, a man dedicated to slaughtering every goblin in existence.

To get started on Goblin Slayer, watch Japanese original currently streaming on Crunchyroll or English dub on Funimation.