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Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 demo is absolutely stunning!!

What is up, Gamers and Gamettes! Are you ready to be blown away? I don’t mean blown away, I mean out the back of your house and into your neighbor’s living room! You will when you see this video. Epic Games has recently posted a video demonstrating their new Unreal Engine 5 operating system coming …

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Tech designer bringing magical guns closer to reality!!

Innovative tech designer FriskP has a fascination with steampunk. She has created several imaginary weapons centered this aesthetic, and her latest creation will surely catch the attention of steampunk and magical weaponry enthusiasts. Using her tech skills, FriskP created a special effect handgun that appears to create an incantation circle before firing a fireball. The …

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E3 coverage!! The goods on the Xbox One and Need for Speed Movie!!

Since the death of the channel formally known as G4, coverage of the Electronics Entertainment Expo or ‘E3’ will be running live on Spike TV. As we all know, Spike is home to the Grammys of gaming, the ‘Video Game Awards’. So this is a perfect fit for them to cover the biggest Gala in …

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