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UltraViolet Digital media to shut down services in July!!

The digital platform UltraViolet announced in January that it will be closing down on July 31. During this time, users can still access their video library and movies will remain available on digital platforms linked to their retailers. The purchasing and redeeming of codes will still active until the shutdown; however, these redemptions may or …

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Simpsons, X-Men join the House of Mouse!!

It has finally happened. 21st Century Fox has pressed the red button, striking a deal with Walt Disney Company after the “Happiest people on Earth” anted up a $71 billion dollar bid to buy Fox. Cable giant Comcast could not match the pot, offering $65 billion before being forced to fold. Disney has offered to …

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E3 coverage!! The goods on the Xbox One and Need for Speed Movie!!

Since the death of the channel formally known as G4, coverage of the Electronics Entertainment Expo or ‘E3’ will be running live on Spike TV. As we all know, Spike is home to the Grammys of gaming, the ‘Video Game Awards’. So this is a perfect fit for them to cover the biggest Gala in …

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Black Tribbles: A retrospective on DIC Entertainment w/ Dave Perillo at 9pm EST

This week on Black Tribbles, we journey back to the 80s and early 90s for a peek behind the curtain at syndicated animation house DIC Entertainment with help from renowned cartoonist/grafx designer DAVE PERILLO; Its goes down Thursday March 7th 9-11pm on G-Town Radio (www.gtownradio.com) and simulcast on the 8-Bit Radio Network!!!!  2,591 total views,  2 views today

 2,591 total views,  2 views today