Tech designer bringing magical guns closer to reality!!

Innovative tech designer FriskP has a fascination with steampunk. She has created several imaginary weapons centered this aesthetic, and her latest creation will surely catch the attention of steampunk and magical weaponry enthusiasts. Using her tech skills, FriskP created a special effect handgun that appears to create an incantation circle before firing a fireball. The effect is crated using light bouncing off of rapidly moving fan blades. She has previously made a watch using the same technology but the gun is a definite upgrade. It uses Life is Style’s Phantom, the company’s 3D hologram display. FriskP used a 3D printer to create the parts in order to make the gun and mount the Phantom to the toy gun. The use of the CAD program to make the 3D printed pieces and Nive2 software help bring the gun’s graphics to life.

Check out FriskP’s other creations on her official YouTube Channel