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J1 Studios Recap Video of TooManyGames 2014!

Join the J1 Studios Press Team as we travel to TooManyGames 2014! We hang out with Dj CUTMAN, Mega Ran and Squarepainter, as well as some of the other artists and vendors. We also show you around to some of the hottest tables in the marketplace, and take you to the TMG after party in …

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Top Reasons We’re Excited for TooManyGames

We’ve received press passes to Too Many Games this year at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center from June 27th to 29th, 2014. Thanks TMG! In no particular order, here are the top reasons we are looking forward to being there. Squarepainter If you’ve ever wanted to see a scene from your favorite retro game hanging on your wall, …

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J1 Studios Interview: Squarepainter

THIS GUY DOES PAINTINGS AND THEY ARE SQUARE. Haha, but no, it goes deeper than that. Pixel by pixel, Adam Shub aka Squarepainter constructs painted replicas of characters, items, and stages from your favorite 8 and 16 bit video games! Sometimes he’ll even do a giant one that portrays a whole scene or boss battle! …

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MAGfest Interviews Coming Soon!

The twelfth MAGfest was an awesome four days of music and gaming related excitement. New friends were made, awesome musical performances were witnessed, and for you, our beloved followers, we managed to get some exclusive interviews with many of the artists and panelists who attended! They’re almost fully edited, but to start the hype, you …

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Squarepainter Speed Paints Kirby!

Like video game art? Video game music? This video has both! Our friend Adam, aka Squarepainter, has been doing some awesome pixel paintings in preparation to sell them at the upcoming MAGfest event! He’s got a huge selection of paintings, covering games from Pokemon, Kirby, and Earthbound, to Contra, Mega Man, and Metal Gear! In …

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A.C.M.G. Interview with Adam Shub at J1-CON 2

A.C.M.G. Admin Daxavier Josiah talked with a pixel painting artist/designer Adam Shub at our J1-Con 2 event in Philadelphia to discuss his love for the classic NES titles and rejuvenate them by applying acrylic, and great craftsmanship to recreate the great game experience of the 8bit era. For more interviews with people on anime, comics, …

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