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THIS GUY DOES PAINTINGS AND THEY ARE SQUARE. Haha, but no, it goes deeper than that.
Pixel by pixel, Adam Shub aka Squarepainter constructs painted replicas of characters, items, and stages from your favorite 8 and 16 bit video games! Sometimes he’ll even do a giant one that portrays a whole scene or boss battle!

at_the_top_of_the_waterfall_by_squarepainter-d34149w paintings_for_too_many_games_2013_by_squarepainter-d68waf4 sonic_and_tails_by_squarepainter-d3dgh26 the_robot_saviors_of_humanity_by_squarepainter-d4f3f3w Super_Mario_World_Final_Battle_by_Squarepainter

On top of that awesomeness, he recently began doing a series of speed-painting videos on youtube. Like this Batman one:

Enjoy the Interview!

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