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JonTron Interview Today, StarStorm Tomorrow!

Stay tuned! We’ll be releasing the rest of our interviews throughout the next week or two.  1,932 total views

 1,932 total views

Kicking off our MAGfest Interviews Tomorrow, with JonTron!

*** UPDATE *** Here it is! Thirty days ago from today it was a Saturday, and many of you were at MAGfest, gaming, rocking out, and attending panels where your favorite internet celebrities answered hours of your fun fan questions. Little did you know, the J1 Studios team was busy going from floor to floor …

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JonTron – Brentalfloss – Tom Fulp & More. MAGfest Interviews, Coming Soon!

MAGfest was a busy time for the J1 Studios Coverage Team. Lots of Super Smash Bros to play and many good musics to enjoy. One of the best parts of our weekend was meeting a bunch of awesome people who hung out with us for a bit and told us their stories. We will soon …

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Normal Boots is Back!

NormalBoots.com has returned! Peanutbuttergamer, JonTron, Continue?, The Completionist, and DidYouKnowGaming now have their shared website and video hub back online. Also, ProJared and Satchbag’s Goods will now be joining NormalBoots as well. Here’s the news from JonTron: With the rebirth of the NormalBoots website comes a new episode from each of the content creators involved. You …

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J1 Studios Interview: JonTron

What can be said about this interview? If you know of JonTron, you probably know everything there is to know about JonTron. But as the guy who stood with him for 10 minutes and held a microphone in his face, I’ll tell you this, he’s a really nice person in real life and just as …

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MAGfest 12 Interviews: ProJared!

The MAGfest interviews continue! Today we feature video game reviewer ProJared! If you’ve seen his work, you probably know that once you watch one of his videos, you’ll understand every detail of the game being reviewed, and get a couple laughs in too! He has a few different ongoing series. his One Minute Reviews are …

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MAGfest Interviews Coming Soon!

The twelfth MAGfest was an awesome four days of music and gaming related excitement. New friends were made, awesome musical performances were witnessed, and for you, our beloved followers, we managed to get some exclusive interviews with many of the artists and panelists who attended! They’re almost fully edited, but to start the hype, you …

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Game Grumps Animated: Toad’s Voice

Everyone loves animating the Game Grumps. In this fanimation, uploaded today by artist Carl Doonan, JonTron and Egoraptor talk about Mario’s pal Toad, and how he doesn’t ever seem to have an indoor voice.  8,382 total views

 8,382 total views