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The J1 Studios Video Game Remix Albums have over 400,000 VIEWS!

Over 400,000 views? Talk about true fan love. This is an awesome moment for not just J1 Studios, but for the J1 Studios Sound Team. I’m proud to have this crew in the J1 Studios family. Great job guys! If you haven’t heard any of the albums, know that they are FREE and all you …

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OC Remix Super Smash Bros HIP HOP Music Video

Not long ago, several artists from the OC Remix community collaborated on a 14 track album honoring the 10 fighting games at Apex! All 3 Smash Bros., Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, King of Fighters, Pokemon and MORE!) The second track on the album titled, “Tengen Toppa Dairantou: Part 1 – Game Set” features several rappers taking on …

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J1 Studios Interview: Larry Oji

  Video game remixes. Nothing like hearing a classic game’s music re-imagined into jazz, metal, techo, dubstep, etc. But in the world of remixing, there’s good and then there’s exceptional. On a website called “OverClocked Remix”, (OCRemix.org), a man and his group of judges make that call. That man is Larry Oji, and thank goodness …

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MAGfest Interviews Coming Soon!

The twelfth MAGfest was an awesome four days of music and gaming related excitement. New friends were made, awesome musical performances were witnessed, and for you, our beloved followers, we managed to get some exclusive interviews with many of the artists and panelists who attended! They’re almost fully edited, but to start the hype, you …

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Pokémon: the Eevee EP

From the acclaimed artists at OC Remix…     Of the several artists involved in this project, three of them happen to be a part of the GameChops record label! artists include: Benjamin Briggs Blue Magic Brandon Strader DarkeSword ectogemia halc Jakesnke17 Source X Theory of N Learn more about the artists and download the full …

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Our very own Forrest Fire featured on OC Remix!!

“We’re a long ways from October, but I could see this being a great Halloween track – with the disquieting pauses between soft & loud and the unexpected textures at every turn, it’s rather like a haunted house itself. Great debut from Forrest Fire – looking forward to hearing more” “….newcomer Forrest Shamlian rocks more than …

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