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Check out the Podcast Festival in Philadelphia. The Black Tribbles will be there!

The Philadelphia Podcast Festival The second annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival seeks to entertain and educate using the digital medium of podcasting. The 2014 festival showcases nineteen of Philadelphia’s premier podcasts during five days of live episode recordings. In 2014, participating podcasts include Storyshuffle, Sex with Timaree, Talking Nerdy, The Pincushion, Rep Radio, Gettin’ Close, Comedy …

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Genesis Science Fiction Radio: Jason Richardson TONIGHT at 9pm EST LIVE!

How cool is that? Yup! Yours truly, will be on Genesis Science Fiction Radio tonight talking about J1 Studios and Black Tribbles! I’m so excited! “NEXT UP: JASON RICHARDSON AKA SPIDER TRIBBLE!! FRIDAY 1-3-14 ON GENESIS SCIENCE FICTION RADIO TUNE IN TO HOST WILLIAM HAYASHI AT 9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST Jason Richardson …

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hearPHILLY interviews Jason Richardson about the J1 Studios Music Fest.

That’s right gang, yours truly was interviewed by hearPHILLY, a partner of CBS Radio and KYW News Radio. Check it out!  The interview is conducted by Andre Bennett.  CLICK THE LINK BELOW! http://podcast.kyw1060info.com/hearphilly/HearPhilly-20131023-172635.mp3   J1 STUDIOS MUSIC FEST FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE BELOW: https://www.facebook.com/events/539581602778115  2,407 total views,  4 views today

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Angel Savior comic book signing in New Jersey!

Yours truly, Jason of the Richardsons will be doing a book signing of the Angel Savior issues at The Comic Station on October 27th from 2pm -5pm. Come out and support. This will be one of the last times you will be able to get these issues, because I will be discontinuing the three issue …

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Page 18 of Angel Savior #3… Advent Masad in action!

Well now that Masad’s dark form has awaken, Animus will have to deal with the rage of Advent Masad. I mean c’mon, you threaten his girl after you beat him up? Wouldn’t anyone want some sort of revenge? Let’s see what Advent Masad can do in his new violent state.   Enjoy Page 18 of …

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Rumor: Super Bounty J1 the live action movie????

I know it sounds crazy, but check this out! Danae Richardson from J1 Studios has been listed as the protagonist J1, and hip hop artist and musician, Marc J (who has performed at Mayhem Madness 1) is possibly taking the role of the cyborg dictator, Sin. What makes the rumor sound more plausible is that …

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J1 Studios’ Mega Ran comic coming soon!

On May 20th 2012 at Mayhem Madness 2 Random -aka- Mega Ran and I announced on stage in front of the huge crowd the new J1 Studios comic series “Mega Ran: Random Lyricism”! This is just the cover because the comic isn’t ready yet but oh man the reaction for this concept was beyond positive!! …

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