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Mega Ran’s new track “Losses” feat. Joell Ortiz & MURS

“We gotta take a stand, I’m sick of taking losses…” -MURS After being named a “Rapper Likely To Be Big in 2014” by LA Weekly, Mega Ran steps to the plate in a lead-off role and blasts a thunderous home run. His new track “Losses” is a heartfelt lifeline to anyone who’s lost anything or anyone to …

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Silver page 8…. Fight!

The atmosphere intensifies as Lady Crimson charges after the traitor Armel. Go check out page 8 of Silver RIGHT HERE or Click on COMICS at the top to find it!  2,437 total views

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Touching remarks from staff and fans of J1 Studios about 2013.

As the President and Founder of J1 Studios, I am super excited about what has transpired in 2013. Here s my list: – J1 Con 2– J1 Music Fest – Our dinner parties– Otakon and the sellout of our merchandise, PLUS they played our music and gave shout-outs to us– OC Remix featuring some of our …

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New Era G Review

Hey there, J1 fans. Interested in something new to read? Check out New Era G, created by Steiner Palomino. The story is like a modern day Dragon Ball, except if you removed the dragon balls, and replace them with the search for the O’Connor Super Armor. Although the anime influenced art style could use some …

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Super Bounty J1 graphic novel REBOOT coming soon!!

She’s coming back folks! The internationally beloved bounty hunter will have a slew of new web comics coming this Fall starting in September! You will get the main story of the new graphic novel series done by yours truly, Jason Richardson. There will also be a collection of short stories outside of the main story …

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Signing of the series “Reverence” at The Comic Station in New Jersey!

Author Jeanie L.S. Galster and illustrator C.J. Draden have created “Reverence,” a story about an antihero from Philadelphia who seeks revenge for her parents’ deaths. Reverence Volume 1: What will you seek? tells an enduring story of a young girl’s internal struggles and life’s lessons growing up in Philadelphia. As the demographics of the neighborhood change, so does …

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New comic series “Silver” coming to J1 Studios!!

That’s right, a new series is on its way to the J1 stage! All that we can tell you about it is its name, Silver. Feels like it could be a fantasy themed story by the way that the logo looks. I mean look there’s a fox head, it’s silver, it seems to have a …

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Angel Savior comic book signing in New Jersey!

Yours truly, Jason of the Richardsons will be doing a book signing of the Angel Savior issues at The Comic Station on October 27th from 2pm -5pm. Come out and support. This will be one of the last times you will be able to get these issues, because I will be discontinuing the three issue …

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DC Universe brings you Zero Month!

Hey all you DC fans out there, the New 52 have been going strong for a year now and two celebrate DC has been releasing zero issues all month to introduce new characters, like the new Green Lantern Simon Baez, and going over rewritten history in this new DC universe. It’s been quite a year …

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Interesting things in New Super Mario Bros 2

I never saw Mario as a money-hungry adventurer, but this is a very interesting take on the old 2D platformer. I figured this would work better if it was a Wario game with Waluigi as the 2nd player. They still haven’t walked down that road where they make a complete Wario and Waluigi game. *le …

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