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J1 Studios at Otakon 2013 (Table #P04) with Otakon EXCLUSIVES!

J1 Studios will be located at Table #P04 in the Artist’s Alley!  What we will have at our table: – Angel Savior: Beta Collection (never before seen art inside) – Super Bounty J1 #1 (never before seen art inside) – Lime Rind: The Rogue Samurai #1 – Defenders: Guardian Volume 1 (awesome novel) All of these albums will have special unreleased …

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Our very own Angel Savior 1, 2, & 3 gets a review from NMC!

Rachaun Rogers gives the Angel Savior comics a review! Some interesting insight on the series. You can read it HERE: http://nelomaxwell.blogspot.com/2013/04/angel-savior-review-12.html?zx=a04a4e2307648522  4,313 total views,  2 views today

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First look at the ‘Angel Savior’ movie poster, plus some info!!

The day has finally come! Yes ladies and gentlemen, the first look at the Angel Savior movie poster done by the fantastic Dan Falvey. The writing process has been in works for some time and now they are gathering the technology for the shoot. So with the help of an independent film company known as …

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THANK YOU ALL FOR READING ANGEL SAVIOR!!! There’s nothing that can be said that won’t  be said in the special message, besides maybe the announcement of Angel Savior BETA COLLECTION… Wait, What’s that you say? Well, the Angel Savior BETA COLLECTION is going to be a collection of Angel Savior issues # 1-3 with added bonuses. …

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Angel Savior #3 page 22. Someone dies.

With Jason in bad shape after transforming into Advent Masad once the Masad side of him was knocked unconscious, and his son defeated, Helsyn sees this as an opportunity to step in and make a quick statement. “Don’t mess with Helsyn!” is the statement I think we all agree on as we make our way to …

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Angel Savior #3 page 21. Is Masad going to die?

Advent Masad is more than ticked off and has no control over the new and VERY dangerous power. Lisa seems to be the next target. What is she going to do if Masad/Jason/Abel is trapped in his super-powered Advent form? Will this kill him?   To find out, read PAGE 21 by CLICKING HERE or by just going to …

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Angel Savior #3 page 20… um… RUN!!!

Well we just saw Masad finally go into Advent Masad mode and HANDLE Animus with that crazy ground pound special move to the guts! But it looks like Advent Masad is turning his rage towards someone else.  He’s looking mad crazy!! I can see that whole “Angel of Death” presence being a problem. RUUUNNNN! To find out, …

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Angel Savior #3 page 19…. Just look for yourself!

You knew something was coming! I mean come on, Animus embarrassed Masad to the point where he snaps! I’m not going to get into it too much but this is probably the most OOOH moment in the whole comic series. Where is this going? JUST READ IT!! To find out, read PAGE 19 by CLICKING HERE or by …

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Page 18 of Angel Savior #3… Advent Masad in action!

Well now that Masad’s dark form has awaken, Animus will have to deal with the rage of Advent Masad. I mean c’mon, you threaten his girl after you beat him up? Wouldn’t anyone want some sort of revenge? Let’s see what Advent Masad can do in his new violent state.   Enjoy Page 18 of …

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Angel Savior #3 page 17!!! Masad’s new form!!!

Masad has already been smacked around, but when Animus talked about torturing Lisa… ROOAAARRR!!!! Remember in the 1st issue there was a “dark” version of Masad that was talking to Jason in his “dream”? Well guess who came to dinner? So go right on and read up! You can CLICK HERE or just go to the COMICS …

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