First look at the ‘Angel Savior’ movie poster, plus some info!!

The day has finally come! Yes ladies and gentlemen, the first look at the Angel Savior movie poster done by the fantastic Dan Falvey. The writing process has been in works for some time and now they are gathering the technology for the shoot. So with the help of an independent film company known as SLOOF LIRPA, the Angel Savior film is looking like it’s a go!

The man behind the directing will be the one and only Andre Bennett (who’s working on the Super Bounty J1 movie). The J1 Studios Sound Team with the help of Starving the Tsunami, Davon, Alexa Gold, Burke the Jurke, Random aka Mega Ran, Tray Digga, Rachael Rota, Sys2matik Ovrl0ad, Law27, Dj CUTMAN and more will be contributing to the official soundtrack. More information will be released as time goes on.

What do you think of our poster?

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