Rumor: Super Bounty J1 the live action movie????

Prototype of the costume.

I know it sounds crazy, but check this out! Danae Richardson from J1 Studios has been listed as the protagonist J1, and hip hop artist and musician, Marc J (who has performed at Mayhem Madness 1) is possibly taking the role of the cyborg dictator, Sin.

What makes the rumor sound more plausible is that Indie Film director extraordinaire, Andre Bennett would be the one heading up this project. From what I heard, they will be gathering stunt coordinators from the Philadelphia area to assist. I’m not sure if the other characters from the comic series will make their appearance, but how funny would it be to see the Three Panditos and C4 in action? What do you think? I think if anything it would be a really cool short film.

The likeness is uncanny!!