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The Four Players: Super Mario Gets Dark

THE FOUR PLAYERS is a bold new take on some familiar gaming icons. Seemingly in preparation for the soon to be released Super Mario 3D World, there’s a video centered around each of the four playable characters. The four videos are titled, “The Fixer”, “The Addict”, “The Star”, and “The Soldier”. You can enjoy the …

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Super Mario 3D World’s Epic Features Unveiled!

Prepare for a mind blowing in the video below! And listen to the music! Have you ever heard that kind of jazziness in a Mario game before!? I love it!! Here are some screenshots to point out a few extra details: Yeah, that’s a boomerang Mario just threw! They brought back the rabbits from Mario 64! …

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Super Smash Bros 4 – Peach Confirmed

Look at the detail in the crown!! That Dress tho! Looks like she’s got the same move set as in the last game. I’d say they made her just a tad more lady-like than in the previous games. Check out the rest of the pictures at the official Super Smash Bros 4 website http://www.smashbros.com/us/characters/peach.html   3,292 total …

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Super Mario Bros Crossover 3.0

Developer Exploding Rabbit’s 8-bit mash up game Super Mario Bros. Crossover just got a huge update this week with the release of version 3.0. In this version, in addition to the main levels of Super Mario Bros for NES, you can play through the Japan only levels of Super Mario Special, a Hudson Soft-Developed game released for …

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