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Hey Pisanos!! It’s a super CHEESY CARTOONS look at the Super Mario Bros Super Show!!

Hey J1 fans, it’s back!! Cheesy Cartoons returns with a new title graphic and biweekly postings!! Yup, I, Devildriver1313, will be taking on this magic carpet ride through your childhood twice a month! So let’s kick things off with a cheesy look at one of the best dang video game shows ever! After the video …

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When Mario Meets Seinfeld – The Parody

There is really no way to describe the ridiculousness of the following animation uploaded yesterday by EsquirebobAnimations. If you’re familiar with the personalities of Seinfeld, Kramer, and George, this fusion of worlds should interest you.

The Four Players: Super Mario Gets Dark

THE FOUR PLAYERS is a bold new take on some familiar gaming icons. Seemingly in preparation for the soon to be released Super Mario 3D World, there’s a video centered around each of the four playable characters. The four videos are titled, “The Fixer”, “The Addict”, “The Star”, and “The Soldier”. You can enjoy the …

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Game Grumps Animated: Toad’s Voice

Everyone loves animating the Game Grumps. In this fanimation, uploaded today by artist Carl Doonan, JonTron and Egoraptor talk about Mario’s pal Toad, and how he doesn’t ever seem to have an indoor voice.

Super Mario 3D World’s Epic Features Unveiled!

Prepare for a mind blowing in the video below! And listen to the music! Have you ever heard that kind of jazziness in a Mario game before!? I love it!! Here are some screenshots to point out a few extra details: Yeah, that’s a boomerang Mario just threw! They brought back the rabbits from Mario 64! …

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