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Live action Mega Man film is getting help from “Wayne Tech!!”

With the Sonic the Hedgehog film looking promising and Monster Hunter due out later this year, it seems that video game movies are starting to come back in a big way. Capcom has decided to put it’s own mascot on the big screen when they confirmed that the live action Mega Man film will be …

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Capcom shows off Balloon Rush mode in Mega Man 11!!

No, it’s not a new upgrade for Mega Man’s faithful cybernetic canine. The Balloon Rush mode is exactly what it sounds like. Mega Man has to hurry through a level destroying blue balloons as quick as possible while avoiding the red ones. Mega Man 11 launches for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and …

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Time Warp Review celebrates Mega Man 30th Anniversary!!

Robotics seem to be the way of the future. Currently, they build cars, can perform complicated surgery and even do our taxes. Heck, there are even robots that look like real people and display some form of sentience. While some scientists praise the idea, others fear the possibility of a robot revolution. And if sci-fi …

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Robot Rumble!! Mega Man vs. Astro Boy in Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

This is it!! The match up many of us wanted to see and wondered about! Who is the better tiny android?! Megaman was built for combat while Astro Boy was created to be loved. But who would win if these two went head-to-head?! Will the Mega Buster blast Astro to atoms?! Or can Astro melt …

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Astroboy boosts his way into Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

Built by Dr. Tenma to replace his son Tobio who died, Astroboy was sold to a circus after Tenma realized that the little android cannot fill the void left by his son. Astro was found years later by Doctor Ochanomizu and becomes his legal guardian. Astroboy now fights robot hating human and giant robots. Will …

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Time to get Mighty!!

Check it out!! Heres the latest trailer of Mighty No.9!! The game get its start on Kickstarter in September 2013, hitting its funding goal of $900,000 in just 2 days. Now Keiji Inafune’s successor to Mega Man will be realized this coming September!!  1,446 total views

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“Cheesy Cartoons” presents “Captain N: The Game Master!!

Hey there J1 fans, as you know I’ve done all kinds of reviews—Once Upon a Time, Sleepy Hollow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Following. I decided to drudge up something I started when we had a forum page. So without further ado, here’s “Cheesy Cartoons: Love ‘em, Hate ‘em but we still watched ‘em!” I’m …

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New from GameChops, BOSS BEATS is less than a week away, and you can pre-order and get two tracks right now! They’re very cool! The first one begins similarly to an old chiptune track and progresses into something epic. The other remix, titled “The inventor” had me thrown off until about 20-30 seconds in when it …

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Mega Man: The Board Game!

From the JascoGames website: “In 2013, Capcom and Jasco Games became licensing partners for the exciting property of Megaman! Megaman, who is celebrating his 25th anniversary, is already making his way to debut into the Universal Fighting System universe, with collectible tins that feature both Megaman and Protoman. However, not too far in the near …

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‘Father’ of Mega Man gets new game fully funded in a matter of days by fans!

Since Capcom won’t show love to Mega Man, then it’s “father” Keiji Inafune (who left Capcom) will take matters in to his own hands…. or more so the hands of us, the fans. All with his new game, Mighty No. 9. “Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran …

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