Super Mario Bros Crossover 3.0

Developer Exploding Rabbit’s 8-bit mash up game Super Mario Bros. Crossover just got a huge update this week with the release of version 3.0.

In this version, in addition to the main levels of Super Mario Bros for NES, you can play through the Japan only levels of Super Mario Special, a Hudson Soft-Developed game released for Japanese PCs in 1986.

But thats only the beginning..

Each character now has dozens of skins to choose from! You can choose to play as Mario from just about every game he’s ever appeared in up until the N64. When selecting link, you’re even given to the option to play as the old man from the original “The Legend of Zelda” for NES. And when you choose Bass (from MegaMan) as your character his skins include Dr. Wily, Dr. Crossac, Mr. X, Quick Man, and Gemini Man. This game is just packed with characters!

And on top of that you can customize the way the game’s graphics look! The layout of the levels will stay the same, but you can choose to play through the game with the sprites of Super Mario Bros, Super Mario World, Super Mario Land, Castlevania, and even Zelda!

You get to choose your character, his skin, and the level graphics on a life by life basis so you never have to get a game over just to switch things up. It’s a lot of fun and boy does it bring back memories. The music that plays in the background is based on the character you choose and the skin you choose for him or her, and it changes for underground and water levels as well!

Oh no they didn’t…..


Check it out for yourself at Exploding Rabbit’s website.

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