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OMG exclusive ‘Mortal Kombat X’ gameplay footage!! YEAH BUDDY!

  Mortal Kombat X is the tenth upcoming installment in the Mortal Kombat series of fighting games. It is being developed by NetherRealm Studios for thePlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows, with its release scheduled for 2015. It will be running at 1080p and 60 frames per second, according to series creator Ed Boon.  11,287 total views

 11,287 total views

Mortal Kombat VS Gangnam Style? Fun and hot!

What’s better than a hot Mortal Kombat cosplayer? MORE hot MK cosplayers! Mortal Kombat takes on Gangnam Style!!! Only way they could do it… LIKE A BOSS. Notice the fat Kano. Who’s fatality blows a ton of air in their opponent until they pop? I think he’s the result of that, or at least he’s …

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Characters from Mario, Sonic, Pacman, Street Fighter, and more in ONE AWESOME FILM!

Okay, you NEED to see this new film coming out by Disney’s titled “Wreck It Ralph”. “Wreck-It Ralph” stars John C. Reilly, Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch. The bad-guy character in a classic game who longs to be a hero brings trouble to his entire arcade after sneaking into a new first-person shooter game and …

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