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Space Channel 5 VR – Kinda Funky News Flash PS4 trailer

“The Galaxy’s Only Chance…Is Dance!” SEGA’s legendary rhythm game Space Channel 5 is coming back with Virtual Reality. More poses you strike, more viewer ratings you get, and the more heads you can turn as you dance until you drop and save the Universe!  76 total views

 76 total views

Check out the World’s First Full Motion figure!!

Speecys, a Tokyo based company founded by Tomoaki Kasuga, is planning to released the world’s first 3D motion figure named “Model MOF17 Pro”. The figure has full range of motion and is able to move and even dance. Kasuga is the inventor of Sony’s popular robo-dog AIBO, which simulates actual canine behavior. The figure stand …

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The Science Guy joins the chemistry on Dancing With the Stars!!

I know the announcement come out earlier yesterday but I just couldn’t contain my excitement over one of my favorite (and yours) childhood TV hosts joining the Dancing with the Stars cast. A lot of us , if not all, grew up watching Bill Nye the Science Guy. He made learning science fun with his …

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Mortal Kombat VS Gangnam Style? Fun and hot!

What’s better than a hot Mortal Kombat cosplayer? MORE hot MK cosplayers! Mortal Kombat takes on Gangnam Style!!! Only way they could do it… LIKE A BOSS. Notice the fat Kano. Who’s fatality blows a ton of air in their opponent until they pop? I think he’s the result of that, or at least he’s …

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