Up in Smoak!! Arrow S4 Ep.6 Recap!!



Felicity continues her frantic search for Ray Palmer after decoding a message he sent nearly a week ago. Ray soon contacts her and Oliver where he tells them that he is being held captive and that there is a device that can return him to normal. Felicity heads to Palmer Tech and finds the schematics to discover they have but one part. Green Arrow and the rest of the team head to CORA Industries in search of the needed part. Thea finds it but an alarm sounds alerting the guards. Sarah engages one of the guards and begins viciously beating him until she is called off by Green Arrow. The team is able to escape. At the lair, Felicity receives another message from Ray and sees that he is being held by Damien Darhk. Oliver talks with Lance to see if he can find out from Darhk where Ray is. After meeting with Darhk, Lance tells Diggle to follow him. Felicity, after having a disagreement with Oliver for inviting her mother, is sulking in her room until she is comforted by her mother. She receives a call that Diggle has found where Ray is. Team Arrow prepares to head out with Sarah asking to join them. Unsure at first but Oliver allows her to come. Green Arrow arrives at the building where Ray is being held by Darhk where he is knocked out by Diggle who is disguised as a Ghost soldier and taken to Darhk. Diggle informs the rest of the team. Red Arrow, the Lance sisters and Felicity, with Curtis, enter the building where they quickly encounter Ghost soldiers. Meanwhile, Oliver manages to escape from Damien Darhk. While the heroes fight, Felicity and Curtis go to Ray Palmer and Curtis uses the device to return him to normal size. Team Arrow leaves. At Thea’s apartment, Sarah decides to leave after she kills a soldier during the fight, afraid that she might hurt Laurel due to the bloodlust. Elsewhere, Oliver and Felicity make up, Lance has an encounter with Felicity’s mother and Damien Darhk puts a new plan into motion.


No one said relationships were easy. A couples fight and have their moments. Oliver and Felicity are no different, except one of them has a Robin Hood fetish. Ever since she got a message from Ray Palmer, Felicity has been frazzled. She felt that what happened to Ray is her fault since she got together with Oliver. She figures that Ray has been trying to get a hold of her for weeks and that if she hadn’t left with Oliver, she could’ve helped him. This leads to her shutting Oliver who has finally found happiness in a world full of craziness. So Oliver invites her mother Donna to hang out with Felicity which leads to some entertaining banter between them. It was funny listening to Felicity and Oliver go back and forth like a married couple having a spat while Oliver is out on a mission or sitting down in their HQ with Diggle in the middle as if he is following the ball during a tennis match. Arrow is a great action series and I like it when the show can take a break from the bashing of faces and kicking of teeth in favor of light humor. These moments help move the show along as well as show that these characters do still have lives outside of fighting the forces of evil. And we have Donna Smoak to thank for some of these moments. Felicity’s eccentric mother makes for light enjoyment and, like most mothers, make life hectic for her daughter. But Donna is loving and gets Felicity to realize how good she has it with Oliver. So it looks like Olicity is here to stay.

From the all the promos for Legends of Tomorrow, we knew that Ray Palmer would make a return. However, it was interesting to know what happened to him after the explosion in the third season finale. He got his suit to work so now he can shrink and grow at will. He better call Scott Lang for some training. And lastly, Sarah Lance is still feeling the effects of the bloodlust even after Constantine restored her soul. Hopefully, she can get herself straighten out soon because Damien Darhk is readying to make his move and Star City is going to need all the help it can get.

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