iZombie Review… Why You Should Watch Now


The zombie craze is alive (well, sort of) and well. While the widely popular Walking Dead is one of the most recognizable and talked about series on the topic, there are other awesome human-eating entertainment sources of varying tone and approach. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, check out iZombie.

Olivia Moore aka Liv begins one evening as a young, vibrant woman just hoping to have a good time on a boat party yet concludes the excursion as a changed woman… er, zombie. While she is bereft of life and her personality has shifted, she retains her ability to think and communicate. She tries to return to normalcy and gets a job as an assistant medical examiner, which is perfectly aligned to her consuming need for human consumption. One side effect of snacking on each victim is the psychic visions she gets of the victims while alive, allowing her to help solve their murders. This consumption also brings about habits and traits of the cadaver prior to their death (in one episode, her meal resulted in her exhibiting kleptomaniac tendencies). She works closely with Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti who quickly learns her secret and quickly becomes her trusted confidant (he is also quite intrigued by this development and conducts periodic tests in the hopes of learning more about this new reality). Both Liv and Ravi are consultants to detective Clive Babineaux who works with Liv under the demise that she gets psychic visions. How long this will last, who knows but as he’s striving to prove himself in his department, he’ll more than accept this informative perk.

This series is loosely based on a comic book series created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred.
Fun, interesting and different than the norm, this show tops traditional shticks with a layer of alternative features enhancing the experience and ensuring you will not roll your eyes at expected tropes. The characters are endearing, cute, and refreshing. There are creative twists on the traditional zombie/human relationship; from her being coherent and productive being to society, to always needing hot sauce in order to taste anything she’s eating as her taste buds are shot. I highly recommend this show which will feed your desire for the dead while being a bit lighter in tone than traditional depictions of the same genre. The show is cleverly building and weaving story threads that are really working well; you will get to see this even more so in season two.

Starring Rose McIver, Malcom Goodwin, and Rahul Kohlo; Season two is currently in progress, with the show airing on the CW every Tuesday. Season one is on Netflix so catch up now, you will not be disappointed! Braaaaaaains

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